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    I never had the pleasure of meeting ‘Big Mac’but I thought
    he was a breath of fresh air,
    when he burst on to our screens.

    Matt Chapman has tried to copy
    Big Mac, but he couldn’t lace
    John’s boots.

    RIP John.

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    It was with great sadness I heard of big Mac’s death. Whatever your view of him he was as recognisable to the racing public as Frankie and that was incredible achievement given his many foibles. He was incredibly well researched and I loved it when he was on the Sunday forum with Matt Chapman,Pete tbomas and Aussie Jim McGrath. So entertaining and four guys who loved each others company.
    It was obvious it was all a front but apart from his other forgettable TV appearances I always enjoyed watching him especially his love of good manners and Newcastle utd. The morning line was enriched when he was on. Racing is far,far worse for his passing. I don’t generally bother about celebs passing away but only Tom petty and big Mac have left we a wee bit teary. R.i.p. big guy. You will be remembered with fondness by many many people. You give the bookies hell in heaven.

Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)
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