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    Hi Folks,

    This is a concept I’ve been considering lately, with a view to using it in conjunction with some ideas I have about speed and pace.

    Having read David bellingham’s book on all weather racing, he recommends classifying horses according to whether they raced in the lead, prominently, or were held up.

    Looking at the analysis of race results in Racing post, though, you find that horses raced in touch, close up, chased the leaders, as well as in a variety of other ways.

    Does anybody have any views as to how this wider variety of styles as given in Racing Post might be fitted into the narrower range of options mentioned in the Bellingham book?

    As ever, all views and assistance gratefully received.


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    If you are gonna look at race shape seriously then I would suggest you need to do your own analysis, use your own descriptions. Do it your way. Its the only way to be sure every race run is described truely.

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    bcsim999, if your interested in this sort of thing it might be worth buying a copy of Wednesday’s Raceform Update as they list the running-styles, in the way Bellingham describes, as part of the form-section for each horse.

    If you cross-reference these with the RP comments this should give you an idea how they do it which may in turn give you a few ideas of how to develop your own should you choose too.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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