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Problems at the start?

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    Radio 5 have just been laying into the starter about the National but I just don’t see it.

    I thought the guy was very calm and authoritative.  There was a few ‘charges’ and one minor false start but I actually think that’s quite good as it gets rid of some of the pent-up adrenaline in horses and jockeys.

    For a 40-runner flag affair, the final start appeared to be absolutely perfect.  It’s utterly unrealistic to expect them to trot off in a neat row at the first time of asking.


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    I didn’t think he was authoritative at all.  Difficult for him though with jockeys who are about to go 4.5 miles seemingly desperate to have their nose on the tape. <br>Why don’t they simply walk them in from 50 yards off the tape. It seems straightforward enough.

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    Braindead jockeys, surely!


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    Fairplay to the guy

    I thought he did a good job also liked when he said”ill wait here all night if i have to”

    A very difficult job on jump racings biggest day of the season.

    And in my opinion they all got a fair start.

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    He could have let them go several times with little problem and Cloudy Bays was hopelessley left when they did start. 3/10 imo.

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    in my opinion i think that the start was very fair. there were only 2 fallers at the first fence, the only one who was left behind was cloudy bays..but i put that down to the horse lol, it was never wanting to play ball. <br>i think the started did a good job. high pressure on him id rather he did it till he felt it was safe than he let them go and something bad happen!

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    Radio 5 are reporting that Aintree officials are fuming at the delays with the crowd booing , want a meeting with the HRA, feel Haynes has lost the confidence of the jockeys and want him removed.<br>I felt he could have let them go a couple of times but that some stiff fines would bring errant jockeys into line.

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    About 10 to 15 of the jockeys did not want to move away from the tape and "walk in" as the starter was asking.  He did well to get them away in a decet line considering.

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    I have to agree with rory here and say that the starter had what is commonly known as ‘a bit of a mare’.

    The race could have been started at least three times before things actually got underway (when they first lined up Le Duc was careering toward the stand-side and would have been left well behind had they gone) and the raising of his voice did little to help the situation along.

    I have always wondered why starters are generally so ‘forceful’ in the way they talk to jockeys. If the jockeys are young and inexperienced then a ‘firm hand’ may be acceptable, but talking down to seasoned professionals seems a little insulting to me. Obviously it doesn’t always happen, with most races getting away at the first time of asking (or as near as), but if there are problems it’s not uncommon to hear the starter getting a little narky.

    Where are starters actually recruited from (are they plucked from a pool for each course, for instance) and are they under some sort of instruction to be ‘less than polite’ at times?

    shifty bill
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    I think some of the seasoned professionals were doing just that at the start, some  may have turned their horses side on to get another chance for a better start and others were reluctant to take a turn for the same reason… I think the starter will always be criticized one way or another.

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    Have to agree with Rory.They could have gone sooner.The heat didnt help situation and I’m sure some of the participants were very overheated

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    The starter was very poor-FACT!:biggrin:

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    What thay should do is have a marker/pole 5yards back from the start so the horses could walk in as the tape is raised for all jump racing

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    If only it was that simple…

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    You can’t start a race safely with horses still facing the wrong way, or turning.<br>You can’t start a race safely with horse’s heads over the tape.<br>The starter is reported to be an ex jockey.

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