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    I’ve just ordered The Weatherby’s Cheltenham betting guide by Paul Jones. Such a fantastic read last year, and I also subscribed to his email service, more for his thoughts on races than following his tips blindly – in fact, they did not do exceptionally well last year, aside from Detroit City being his principle bet.

    I hope to catch a preview evening in london, more for the generation of excitement it brings as opposed to finding a ‘good thing’, before jetting back to Ireland on Monday night to watch the first two days at home. Unfortunately, my plans to attend have been scuppered by the high costs of people flying over from Ireland (flights, hotel, rail, food & betting), but to be fair, as an Irish person on here would testify, there is a wonderful atmosphere with a large amount of people either taking days off or half days from work.

    To supplement the Weatherby’s guide will be the obligatory RP, Weekender, perhaps Raceform and the Guardian, although I may see if I can force myself to buy the Telegraph for McCoy’s columns – could be tough!

    So, what’s your build up to Cheltenham?

    Yes, i’m quite bored at work …

    Lovely Lady
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    …skiver !

    Nothing as involving as yours but my husband and I always take an early and hearty lunch on each day,   where we throw cost and calories to the wind, although this may involve little more than sausage, egg and chips – a once a year treat – or something more exotic.  Racing Post and  1 other daily are compulsory accessories.     We refuse to work that week – if we can’t get the time off then we take it, end of story,  and both of us have been keeping up this tradition, together and independently since around 1972 when Glencaraig Lady won the Gold Cup  – I really don’t think we’ve missed a year.  The 4th day is a welcome addition – an extra lunch !!  

    oh and thank goodness we don’t have to see the last 2 races in those frightful bookies any more.  BBC shutting off at 4 o clock was such a pain. <br>

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    Anyone in London interested in meeting for one of the preview nights?

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    im going skiing next week, I may go to a preview in Stilorgan if there is one on this year.  For the festival itslef, I shall be in Tipperary possibly  in Chawkes pub in clonmel.  I won bother telling my boss Im not coming in….im just dont turn up.  He doesnt follow hours as long as the work gets done at some stage.  Sweet :biggrin:


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    Going to Amsterdam for three days!

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