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    Just a quick question – why is it that David (or Martin) Pipe rarely, if ever, put Timmy Murphy up on one of the non-David Johnson owned horses?

    Of course, Murphy is only retained to ride those specific horses but is it that they don’t consider him as capable a jockey as Johnson obviously does? It seems strange, and was wondering whether there may be a personality clash of sorts as they often put up jockeys with much lesser ability such as Glassonbury, Scudamore and Rodi Greene.


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    The clue is probably in Murphy’s autobiography "Riding the Storm" where he states that he never applied for the Johnson-Pipe job when McCoy upped sticks for Jonjo’s because he never for a minute considered his patient riding style to be that of a Pipe rider. Basically Johnson approached him directly.<br>If you visit the Pipe website news section there is clearly still something of a love- in  with McCoy and he  gets many rides on non Johnson horses. Perhaps other owners still want forceful rides off the front which were traditional of the stable over the years as it exploited the fitness edge of the horses. Other yards have now caught up, though in fairness the Pipe yard is having a fine season. Having McCoy up when commitments to O’Neill permit is one thing ,but I too am puzzled as to why the Pipes put up their boys like Scudamore, Glassonbury, Malone and Greene when Murphy is available- not too much room for sentiment and looking after the boys attached to the yard when you’re up against Nicholls, Hobbs, King etc.Perhaps it’s a personality thing- Martin Pipe obviously got along fine with McCoy but Murphy is different e.g. in his book he states that he felt Nicholls was putting unnecessary pressure on him ahead of rides when stable jockey.<br>The trend of who rides what at Pipe’s has now been established. As stated, Murphy has now taken a second retainer with Hen Knight and his patient style is well suited to that yard. He also rides for Llewellyn though I don’t think there is a formal agreement- the ties go back to the Pitman era. There are also a few Johnson horses with Brendan Powell and Knight and ex Pipe Johnson cast offs with Montieth in the north, though Murphy rides them only infrequently.<br>Overall I’d agree that he could have probably been stable jockey at Pipe if wanted but subsequent commitments preclude this.<br>

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    i was wondering if tm only rides out djs horses when at pipes yard?

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