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    Being used as a Cheltenham pundit on Radio Five Live. Still ‘’ and ‘’ all the time, mixing up his facts, gettting the horse names wrong etc.

    Scu was an outstanding, immaculate jockey and I believe he and Martin Pipe shunted the professionalism of Jumps racing forward immeasurably in just a few seasons. However, that does NOT make him a natural broadcaster, something the Beeb must surely have found out when he was tried previously on television.


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    I listened to some of the radio coverage, and Scudamore was just as hopeless as ever.

    He still seems to be unable to speak in intelligible sentences, and kept getting facts wrong (and of course, no one corrected his mistakes).

    Even Balding was well off the pace. Although John Hunt’s race commentaries were fine, the only talkers and pundits who were of any use were the presenter John Inverdale, and Kevin Day doing the vox pops, and they’re not even specialist racing people!

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    He still seems to be unable to speak in intelligible sentences

    I’m told that Peter Scudamore has been taking some intensive media training from Tanya Stevenson, who has built a lucrative career on being unable to speak in intelligible sentences.
    She has apparently stressed to him the importance of speaking in a disjointed, ungrammatical and tongue-tied way as being of prime importance in the modern racing pundit. Luckily, he does have a good command of grammar.
    An ability to substitute all mentions of the letter "t" for the letter "d" will result in a highly commended award being given. An interest in the history of the woollen trade, textiles and, in particular, bedding will qualify for a special merit payment authorised by Tanya.
    If Scudamore passes this stage of his training, he will go on to be monitored closely by Willie Carson, who will insist on a high degree of competence in, and familiarity with, the John Prescott Guide to Spoken English in the Racing Media.

    Actually, I quite liked Peter Scudamore when he was on the BBC television coverage of racing. He was a bit tongue-tied but, because he did it straight, was very serious and was obviously sincere, I thought he brought something of value to the coverage in those days.
    I also used to like him during the days of his champion jockey exploits with Martin Pipe.

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    Always seems hard to denegrate a pleasant man but Peter was never quite there. Think he replaced Bill Smith. I thought he was good but know he got a basinful too

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