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    Changes to the European pattern announced today include –

    Ascot Long Distance Cup to Group 2
    Dick Poole Stakes, Salisbury to Group 3

    Derrinstown Derby Trial to Group 3 :shock:
    Prix Noailles to Group 3
    Dee Stakes to Listed
    Queen’s Vase to Listed

    They’ve also published a list of races ‘at risk’ of downgrade in 2015. This includes the Tattersalls Gold Cup, the Lingfield Derby Trial, Criterium De St Cloud, Prix Jean Prat, Prix Royal Oak.

    The Derrinstown has clearly suffered in the last few years, after a golden period between 2000 and 2006, a period that saw Sinndar, Galileo, High Chaparral, Yeats and Dylan Thomas triumph.

    Ironic that the Dee Stakes downgrade coincides with the year it was won by a future Breeder’s Cup winner.

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    Ironic that the Dee Stakes downgrade coincides with the year it was won by a future Breeder’s Cup winner.

    Oath will be spinning in his box.


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    The Lingfield Derby trial is usually a pig of a race I’m surprised it hasn’t been downgraded already.

    I would’ve liked to see the Dee Stakes retain its status.


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    The change to the Queens Vase seems bizarre – the 2013 winner went on to take the St Leeger, the 2012 winner won the Ascot Gold Cup.

    So it’s a Group 3 that has produced the winners of the two biggest Group 1 staying races of the UK season.

    I’m sure it won’t make any difference to the race as Ascot will maintain the prize money regardless, but it suggests to me that the pattern committee operate using a pin and a guide dog.


    Peruvian Chief
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    Give us Humberside folk a chance and give the Hilary Needler Listed Status back please.


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    They have also downgraded the Derrinstown derby trail back to a grp 3 in Ireland. It hasn’t reach the required standard over the last 3yrs for the winner or placed horses. Surly the same can be said of the Dante stakes?


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    Can’t see the point in such tinkering. All races will go through spells when there will be "sub-standard" winners – even The Derby!
    The pattern (at least in England) is pretty well established and doesn’t need this kind of fannying around at the edges. Still, it probably justifies some jobsworths’ or committees existence somewhere. (How many committees recommend doing nowt and leaving things just as they are?)
    The risk of course is that, by downgrading a race, you start a self-fulfilling process. Lower the status and, theoretically, a lower standard of competitor will participate. What was so wrong with the status of the altered races anyway?
    To assist as far as is possible, in being able to compare the worth of horses over the centuries, then the pattern should only be altered where a clear and definite need exists.


    Peruvian Chief
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    Southern bias and snobbery toward Bev – they couldn’t wait to get The Needler off Listed status. Only Attraction stopped them daring to do it sooner. The Bullet will no doubt be next.

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