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Patrick Weaver – Crafty? Comedian? or Cretin?

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    Personally I would have him down as cretin, is he really a racing correspondent at The Express?

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    No Gold Cup winner has run in a Grand National since Master Oats in 1995. Not Denman (2008). Not Kauto Star (2007 and 2009). Not Long Run (2011). No wonder their trainers, Paul Nicholls and Nicky Henderson, are top of the trainers’ list year after year. When Nicholls or Henderson win a Gold Cup their horses are put out in the paddocks for a well-earned summer break.

    What an utterly irrelevant and misleading argument. He’s neglected to mention that whenever Denman and Kauto Star had not won the Gold Cup (after conceivably having had harder races) they had run again that season.

    This is garbage journalism at its worst and the saddest thing of all
    is that Weaver will have been paid for this.

    Just goes to show that reading the Express will make you dumber by the page.

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    The Express, eh?

    1.01 Weaver ends his piece by lamenting Diana isn’t here to save us. 8)


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    What more can you hope for from a tabloid journalist? The grammar of the piece is quite acceptable and the lack of mention of Diana must be regarded as a deviation from the norm.

    Lone Wolf
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    Maybe they should have introduced time manipulation to racing so that McCoy could have taken over in the final 1/2 furlong from Mclernon. Apparently he would have won the race, not taking into consideration the first 4 miles 3 1/2 furlongs of course.

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