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Parrot shop owner put behind bars

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    …is one of the headline stories currently on the South China Morning Post website:

    It goes:


    A female pet shop owner was jailed on Thursday for seven years after assaulting a male employee with different weapons on a number of occasions over the course of four years.

    Chan Pui-mun, 31, was earlier convicted in the District Court of all 14 charges of wounding with intent and inflicting grievous bodily harm. She had pleaded not guilty.

    The court heard that Chan, owner of the Wan Chai Parrot Shop, had repeatedly attacked 27-year-old shop assistant Shek Ka-fai at her shop between April 2000 and February 2004.

    Weapons used in her attacks included mop handles, screwdrivers, a hammer, wooden chairs, a mug, an iron and wooden rods of different sizes, the court heard

    Judge Chua Fi-lan described the case as astonishing. She said psychiatric reports suggested the defendant lacked a sense of responsibility and did not show signs of remorse, local radio reported.

    The judge noted that on one occasion, in January 2003, the parrot shop owner used pliers to inflict a 1.5-centimetre split on the victim’s tongue. This also loosened one of his teeth, local radio reported.

    The attacks left Mr Shek with extensive abrasions and bruises over his body, a permanent spinal fracture, multiple scars on his face and limbs. He had also suffered bleeding to his left eye, medical reports presented to the court showed.

    Mr Shek had not revealed the abuse for fear Chan would harm his family if he did. The assaults came to light when his family discovered massive injuries and wounds to his body and sent him to hospital in February 2004.<br><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    <br>now, is this a hoax story ?

    odd things happen in HK and i wouldn’t normally ask.

    its just that the byline credits it to a reporter named <br>"LAI YING-KIT".

    best regards


    dave jay
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    :biggrin:  .. very good wit !

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