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    Venture to CognacVenture to Cognac
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    Great days racing, but the big problem here is the same as Sunday. Probably too many selections, so have to be careful, but Tralee Hills is paying for the next few days, so pressure off, but still got to be careful.

    In The Dante, I’m already with Cormorant, though form hardly franked by Russian Emperor the other day.

    Elsewhere on the card, I think it’s safe to say looking at the market, that things might be tough for Mister Carpenter, but he caught the eye last year, before blowing up at Chelmsford, and I’ll probably have an interest at the price.

    Biggest fancy of the day is in the last, Kylie Rules. I said I couple of weeks back that I’d bet her again, and the 33’s looked way too big.

    Great card at Newmarket too.

    Poyle Vinnie looks a mad price in the 1245. I thought he shaped well the other week, and this trip should suit better. His runs at Goodwood last year give him a squeak.

    Dancin Inthestreet was a proper eyecatcher at Newmarket, and though perms only at current price, if I had any joy earlier in the day, I’d go with her in The Bet365 Handicap.

    In The Sir Henry Cecil Stakes, I can’t really desert Ropey Guest after Ascot. Probably just the EW on him, but if he happened to drift I’d top up. Fairly consistent type, and should run his race.

    Finally in the 1610, I think that Communique could be the forgotten horse, and I’m hoping he keeps drifting.

    1245 Newmarket – Poyle Vinnie EW
    1255 York – Mr Carpenter EW
    Sir Henry Cecil – Ropey Guest 16’s EW
    Dante – Cormorant 7’s
    1610 Newmarket – Communique
    1720 York – Kylie Rules 33’s EW 5pls

    1245 Newmarket
    Poyle Vinnie, Teruntum Star
    30p Reverse Forecast

    1720 York
    Kylie Rules, Nicholas T
    80p Reverse Exacta


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    I was about to congratulate you on your selections yesterday. Congratulations! Today, I intended to follow your lines and thought I had done so, until I found that I had somehow missed out Mr Carpenter! What a fantastic selection. I passed over the selections to Mrs Sungold who is far more careful than me and she bets in 25 pences…so she was literally quids in when she found the starting price was 100-1. Surely that must be one of your best ever? Anyway many thanks and I hope your betting bank is overflowing. Tom

    Nathan HughesNathan Hughes
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    Superb pick that Vtc… :good:

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    The jungle drums are out about this one Bobby, I’ve just watched the race, your heart must
    have been in your mouth the last 50 yards. Absolutely exceptionel tipping with Mr Carpenter :yahoo:

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    Well done with Mister Carpenter 100/1 hope you had a good bet on him.

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
    Venture to CognacVenture to Cognac
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    Thanks all, been a good day.

    Sungold, not my biggest on here, but no far off it, chuffed to hear your wife was on.

    Venture to CognacVenture to Cognac
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    What a day then. I was at work, and I normally keep my composure, but I lost it a wee bit. I had bet him at 50’s and then topped up 66’s, but I knew there was a good chance of an SP of 100’s before the off.

    If he’d been 25’s, I would have been happy with that, but when he hit 66’s, I just assumed I was wasting my time.

    The last few strides were nervy mind.

    Other good news was Kylie Rules. Biggest bet of the day, and I thankfully put in a lay at higher than I’d normally go, and comfortably got it back. Also made a wee profit on Communique, but that was a smaller bet.

    Gutted with the late Non Runner, as Ropey Guest really well for third, while Poyle Vinnie ran well at a big price, but I never got near to getting my money back.
    I was a wee bit disappointed with Cormorant, I was fairly confident of a decent run.

    Venture to CognacVenture to Cognac
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    Another seriously good days racing, and it’s hard to split the days three big races, The Summer Plate, The Bet365 Trophy, and The Kilbeggan Midlands National, great lineup for each race.

    The supporting cards not too shabby either.

    Obviously completely pressure free after Thursday, but still, with the amount of selections I have today, I have to be careful.

    In The Bet365 Trophy, I’m already with Protected Guest and Kings Advice Antepost. Neither seem popular, but it won’t stop me topping up. I’ll not be having any EW, and instead I’ll try to just lay in running.

    In the 1535, Overwrite is back out. Owes me nothing after Ascot, but I stupidly left him at Windsor, when he won well. This is tougher, but he’s done nothing to make me desert him.

    The Falmouth looks another tough gig for Agincourt. She’ll do well to top the last run, but expecting her to be competitive. Already on Antepost, but topped up, and will do again if she tops 20’s.

    Market Rasen
    Can’t find an angle in The Summer Hurdle, but The Plate is a cracker. On a busy betting day, can’t really justify betting three, so I’ve decided to sacrifice The Kilbeggan Midlands National, unless I win in this race, so I’ve went triple handed here with Solomon Grey, San Benedeto, and Imperial Presence.

    Much lower grade stuff here, but I horse I’ve always liked, Economic Crisis, caught the eye last week. He can win off of this mark, and though known as a soft ground horse, he’s won on Good to Firm too, so at a price here, I’ve got to have a rare go on him.

    As mentioned, I’ll sit the big one out unless I have any joy at Market Rasen. Strange approach, but makes sense to me. To be honest, it’s such a tough race, but without a bet at the moment obviously. Plinth and Yanworth stand out for JP, but both look ideal for Galway, and Plinth looks a lively one for The Galway Blazer. Freewheelin Dylan, and at a massive price, particularly Woods Well, make up the shortlist.

    Very good card at Kilbeggan tonight, even without the big one.

    Brilliant to see Supasundae run here, but I’ll be chancing two big outsiders to make the frame. Jaime Sommers can run the odd big race, while Mister Eddman is crying out for another go at this trip.

    In the 1825, Mindsmadeup, Aa Bee See, and Born By The Sea all really appeal, but at this moment, to bet any of them, without knowing how earlier races go, would be nuts. I’d need earlier winners to even consider. All three are too big right now.

    I’ll definitely be betting in the 1815. He’s got plenty of miles on the clock, and he’s not really done much for me before, I’ve certainly never bet him before, but for all that, this is an unusual trip for Nam. He had no luck whatsoever last time, and he’d definitely won with a clear run. Smashing mark, and I’d expect him to go well.

    This is obviously a crazy, and probably inadvisable number of bets, but after yesterday, why not? I’ll still be looking to claw back Stakes where I can.

    Summer Plate – Solomon Grey 11’s
    Summer Plate – San Benedeto
    Summer Plate – Imperial Presence EW
    Bet365 Trophy – Kings Advice 20’s
    Bet365 Trophy – Protected Guest 40’s
    1525 Musselburgh – Economic Crisis EW
    1535 Newmarket – Overwrite 12’s
    Falmouth – Agincourt 10’s EW 3 Places
    Falmouth – Agincourt 18’s
    1755 Kilbeggan – Jaime Sommers EW
    1755 Kilbeggan – Mister Eddman EW
    1815 Curragh – Nam

    Summer Plate
    Imperial Presence, San Benedeto, Solomon Grey
    20p Combination Forecasts and Tricasts

    1535 Newmarket
    Overwrite, Zabeel Prince
    50p Reverse Excata

    1755 Kilbeggan
    50p Reverse Forecast

    1825 Kilbeggan
    Mindsmadeup, Born By The Sea
    50 Reverse Forecasts


    Nathan HughesNathan Hughes
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    Good luck with those today Vtc.
    Agincourt is an interesting player in the Falmouth
    I’m waiting for Billesdon Brook to rack up a few losses and play her at Goodwood.

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    Venture to CognacVenture to Cognac
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    Cheers Nath, I’ll definitely be joining you with her, though she’ll have shaved a few points off today.

    Venture to CognacVenture to Cognac
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    Kilbeggan Midlands National
    Woods Well, Plinth
    £1 Reverse Forecast


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    Fab week for you VtC :good:

    Venture to CognacVenture to Cognac
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    Cheers Grass, been pretty decent all round, and even today, through ducking and diving, wasn’t as bad as it looked.

    What a good horse that Lynwood Gold is, did that well for you.

    Venture to CognacVenture to Cognac
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    Summer Plate made a big difference to the day, with a few quid back profit on Solomon Grey, and money back on Imperial Presence. San Benedeto was average, and lost on him, but he’s the one I actually took from it.

    I had a go then on The Kilbeggan Midlands National, and I made a good profit on Plinth, worked out perfectly (well winning would have been perfect). It was a good thing too, as Woods Well was average, and it also softened the blow of Freewheelin Dylan winning.

    Nam was another good result, easily getting a good profit, but I wasn’t that impressed with his attitude, and doubt I’d bet him again.

    Absolutely delighted with Jaime Somers. The plan was to bet her around 33’s EW, but with the defection of Supasundae, I went 14’s Win, and made a profit on that too. Mister Eddman will have other days.

    I went to bet both Mindsmadeup and Born By The Sea, hoping the prices would somehow have held after the raft of Non Runners, but they’d been slashed. A winner is a winner though, and having hoped for 20’s, I took the 11-2. Was hardly a massive winner, but on a tough day, I’ll take it, and it made a difference.

    That was the good, now the bad.

    The only silver lining with The Bet365 Trophy, was that most of my stake on Protected Guest was after The Final Decs, but a loser is a loser. Kings Advice was terrible, beaten a long way out.

    Agincourt was disappointing, and absolutely no excuses.

    I picked the wrong one later, and the win of Zabeel Champion was hard to take, especially the manner in which he did it, and also the way that Overwrite folded.

    Economic Crisis wasn’t that bad, but the worst thing about is that I was watching on my phone at work, and I was watching the wrong horse. I thought I’d won FFS.

    I was glad to come out of that in one piece, but it was touch and go, and Kilbeggan stopped it being a losing day.

    Venture to CognacVenture to Cognac
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    That was hard work yesterday, and I’ll try to keep the run going.

    Already gave my thoughts on the big races today.

    It worked yesterday, and in a similar vein, by going triple handed in The Betfred Heritage Handicap, I’ll cut back on The Bunbury Cup, though I will still bet Blackheath either way.

    Marie’s Diamond is only a speculative one as well, while Sir Dancealot is one I just can’t see challenging the leaders, but I do think he has a chance of making the 4, if things fall his way.

    I’ve taken a chance with Stunning Beauty at Newmarket, while one I do like at Leapordstown is Let’s Get Started, who impressed me at Dundalk.

    1315 Newmarket – Stunning Beauty 11’s
    Summer Mile – Marie’s Diamond 7’s
    July Cup – Equilateral 25’s
    July Cup – Sir Dancealot EW 4 Pls
    1545 Leopardstown – Lets Get Started EW
    Heritage Hcap – Ornate 25’s
    Heritage Hcap – Saaheq
    Bunbury Cup – Blackheath

    July Cup
    Equilateral, Sir Dancealot
    50p Reverse Exacta

    Betfred Heritage Handicap
    Justanotherbottle, Ornate, Saaheq
    80p returned
    20p Combination Forecasts and Tricasts


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