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    Venture to CognacVenture to Cognac
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    Happy with that today.

    Colreevy really dug that out, and in the end I was delighted with the 13-2.

    Day was made though with The Storyteller and Miss Honey Ryder, both placed at 50’s, and safe to say changed the whole week for me. Delighted.

    Thought The Guiness Handicap was going to go my way, but that was a fine effort from O O Seven.

    Thursday is a proper headscratcher.

    I’m a massive fan of Chacun Pour Soi. Didn’t take that 5’s Antepost, but just a little surprised that he’s still 4’s. Think the horse could be special. He’s main fancy of the day, along with Vision Des Flos at 7’s. Did a fair double on them as well.

    I love races like the opener, but even this one looks too tricky to work out. I’ll chance Put The Kettle On at around 16’s.

    I’ve bet Nearly Namad a couple of times this year, and he’s not been knocked about. I’m not missing him here, especially at 40’s+, while Mtada Supreme always runs his race round here, and at 14’s, I’ll bet him with a view to making a profit in running. Same approach as Enniskillen yesterday, and I’d be confident of getting the lay in. It would be ideal if he drifted.

    With the rain appearing, I like Prince of Scars as an outsider at 66’s.

    Last but not least, who else but Folsom Blue at 25’s ew 6 places. He’s more than capable of this, and good to see Richard Johnson travelling across.

    Venture to CognacVenture to Cognac
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    Yeah Jack, unreal, and a very nice prospect for next year.

    Really happy with Day 3. Nice ew in the first from Put The Kettle On, while it went like clockwork with Mtada Supreme, getting a nice return in running, and same story with Roll Again.

    Vision Des Flos would have went close but for hitting the last, and cost me a few quid in that double, but it was soon forgotten with Chacun. Decent bet for me, and I don’t like bigger bets at smaller odds, but he was excellent, and very excited with him.

    Day 4 is all about the first five races.

    I’d rather Enniskillen had been retired on Tuesday, but he’s back for more. I doubt he’ll drift today, but if he does, it’ll be same plan as Tuesday. Otherwise it’ll be a smaller bet around 4’s.

    It has to be Jetz for me in the next, and I took the 10’s win, while I can just see Synopsis bouncing back in the 1645. She’s good on her day, and I took her 14’s win. Strangely confident about her, and I’ll also bet her ew to 4 places, hopefully bigger than 14’s.

    As mentioned on the race thread, I’m with Melon in the big one, and following that Reserve Tank to win, and I’ll probably name my own price on Gallant John Joe each way.

    After wanting to bet Sharjah in The Big Hurdle, I see his namesake is running at Dundalk. That maybe calls for a double with Melon.

    Venture to CognacVenture to Cognac
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    Couldn’t find anything to run the total down yesterday, but I’ll start off with these today.


    Jetz, Scoir Mear, Louis Vac Pouch
    Synopsis, Timeforwest, Slowmotion

    40p Combination Forecasts and Tricasts


    Venture to CognacVenture to Cognac
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    After an excellent Thursday, Friday was a lot tougher.

    Delighted with the 13-2 on Reserve Tank, who was a notebook horse of mine at Aintree, and is clearly a serious animal, and there’s surely more to come.

    Enniskillen ran another fine race, but Jetz, Synopsis, and Melon were bitterly disappointing. I topped up on Synopsis as planned, and that may be one of the worst bets I’ve had all season.

    On to Day 5 now.

    I’m hoping that Enniskillen doesn’t turn out here, he’s 14, and should be getting his feet up. I’m actually going to have an each way on Ballyfinboy at 66’s. He’s a horse I bet very occasionally, and there’s a bit of talent in there. He’s 66’s for a reason, but he’s making a belated appearance in this discipline, and if he turns up in the right mood, I met get a lay in running out of him.

    My old pal, the perenially underrated Regal Encore, runs in The Boylesports Handicap. He’s ran well here before, and 10’s to five places could be a gimme.

    Benie Des Dieux should stroll the next, but I’d question the 33’s for Tintangle, and should the 5 remain, I’ll side with her for a place.

    No bet in the 4yo Hurdle, as I’ve bet Fusil Raffles at 50’s for The Champion Hurdle, and that’s enough to keep me interested here. Tough race mind, and should answer whether or not he’s good enough by the end of it.

    The Pat Taaffe Handicap is a cracker, and my chief hope would be Bellow Mome, who’s three runs after a long layoff, have all been more than acceptable. I’m not buying the last run of Na Trachtalai Abu, and he’s backup at around 20’s EW.

    Eyes everywhere in the big handicap hurdle, and old friends Jezki, and Swamp Fox rather confuse things, but I’m going three handed in this with Dorrells Pierji, Woodland Opera, and Spades Are Trumps. They’re all big prices, and with six places available, I’ll go ew the three of them.

    A race like that should be enough to see me out, but as my season draws me to an end, I’ll add Poormans Hill in The Charity Race, should he get in.

    A few catching the eye away from Punchestown, and I’ll have a go elsewhere too.

    I’ve left Pettochside alone for a few runs now, but he’s of more interest tomorrow, while the same applies to Von Blucher at Doncaster. First bet on the pair of them for a while, but at the prices, 12’s and 33’s, worth a try. The market screams “no” for Blucher, and I’ll cover him with Triggered.

    At Uttoxeter, I’m willing to give Dell Arca one more chance at around 16’s.

    El Astronaute is one of my favourite flat horses, and I’m considering him to make the frame at 8’s, in the second at Newmarket.

    Last day of my season, and I’ll run down my total……

    1510 Punchestown
    Regal Encoure, Young Turk
    50p Reverse Forecast

    1600 Uttoxeter
    Dell Arca, Value At Risk
    50p Reverse Exacta

    1735 Punchestown
    Spades Are Trumps, Woodlands Opera, Dorrells Pierji
    40p Combination Forecasts, and Tricasts
    62p Straight Tricast

    1850 Doncaster
    Von Blucher, Triggered
    50p Reverse Exacta


    Venture to CognacVenture to Cognac
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    The 1700 taken out with a Non Runner, so I’ll throw the last pound on a top up of the Spades Are Trump & Woodland Opera rev forecast.


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    Good run from Dorrells today, pity he was only 3rd though. Quite the achievement to finish in profit (even if only by a mere pence).

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    Any views on jump races mate had more bets on jumps today then flat i like

    Saintmellion 100/30 Newton abbot
    Magical thomas 7.15
    MINELLA ON LINE 4.45 Newton abbot

    Venture to CognacVenture to Cognac
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    Definitely leaving it alone Darren. Going to wind down the thread tonight, though I do have Kaloor at 14’s and 18’s at Chester. I won’t complain if Norway wins though.

    I won’t lie, I did have a look at the jumps today, but nothing really “jumped” out lol.

    Good luck with yours today mate.

    Venture to CognacVenture to Cognac
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    Cheers Krypton, happy with a penny profit on the forecasts, tricasts, as I just enjoy doing them as I go along.

    Yeah, Dorrels ran a cracker, and the each way topped off a very decent Punchestown, which was nice for a change lol.

    Venture to CognacVenture to Cognac
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    Another season done and dusted for me, and it’s been a bloody cracker.

    Things started of with my now traditional “losing Royal Ascot”, but thankfully this season, there were plenty of returns over the five days, avoiding the bloodbath of previous seasons.

    Things got a lot better afterwards, and one of my favourite weeks of the year, Galway/Goodwood, was a cracker as well, and even by early August, things were looking pretty safe. Highlights of the summer were the likes of Rostropovich 22’s, Euchen Glen 33’s, and strangely, Truffles 28’s at Galway. Truffles was off the back of a couple of other winners, and she almost made my top 5 for the season.

    September was even better, with my biggest win of the season, Dolphin Vista at Ayr. An absolute steal at 18’s+, and one of the most profitable horses to follow that I’ve ever had. Hopefully more to come from him in 2019. That was basically it for me, and I had a guaranteed winning season at that point. Unreal, and the pressure was off.

    The Flat continued to be very good to me, and I had a good few more double priced winners, with the likes of A Momentofmadness, Von Blucher, and Snazzy Jazzy, all doing the business at 20’s+, and I was flying high. Into October, and then came a crazy 24 hours for me. Tralee Hills at 33’s on the Wednesday at Bath was a race I’ll never forget, and 24 hours, in very similar circumstances to Tralee, Aspen Colorado came from the clouds to also win at 33’s. Can’t argue with two 33-1 winners in 24 hours, and I was bloody delighted.

    Things calmed down a bit into November, with Frodon keeping me afloat almost singlehandedly, as the losers started to creep in properly.

    It seems as if November and December are my worst months, and no changes this season, with my only really decent winner, being Spark Plug on the all weather. January is usually a strange month for me as well, but a lot better this season, and Invitation Only in The Thyestes, missed out on being my biggest winner of the season by pennies, while good old Houblon Des Obeaux was another rare January winner.

    Cheltenham was strange this year. I enjoyed the Tuesday less than any other day I could remember at the Festival. Come the Friday, I had found a day that was much, much worse. Not much money kicking about for me on Day One (for not much money, read bugger all), and Day Two was similar, and I had to wait for Tiger Roll to properly dig me out. More of him later obviously.

    Then came Thursday. One of my best ever days at The Festival. Sire Du Berlais 50’s, Frodon 20’s, Any Second Now 16’s, and Tintangle 66’s ew, put me sky high, what a day, not just from a punting perspective, but just generally the feel good atmosphere.

    Then came Friday. The deaths of Sir Erec and Invitation Only hit hard. Sir Erec was destined for the top, I’ve no doubt about that, and his demise was only exaggerated by the image in my head of him standing good as gold at the start, as he was getting attended to by the farrier. F’cking brutal. Then came Invitation Only. I loved that horse, and I was convinced that he was more than capable of the Thyestes/Gold Cup double. He’d have been my second biggest winner of all time, and even after the brilliant Thursday, my whole week seemed to revolve around him. I watched the whole Gold Cup in a daze after seeing what happened, and I felt numb at the end of the day, and it was almost a game changer for me.

    Thankfully, Tiger Roll came along to pick me up. What can I say about him that I haven’t already said? I can’t really say anything else, but I’ll repeat myself anyway. It’s been incredible what he’s achieved. That day he won at Navan at 40’s, you’d think I’d won the lottery, I was jumping about the house like a lunatic, and ditto Cheltenham and Aintree. To see all the comments for “Gold Cup” for him, three years after I first bet him for it, was brilliant. I hope they don’t go that route with him now, and to be honest I just want him retired right now. My one gripe will always be the lack of a mention for his Munster National. That was when he properly he arrived on the scene, he had about eight stone in hand that day lol, and it’s as if it never happened. A proper ‘Wow’ moment. He’s obviously been a Gold Cup horse since that day, and as much as there’s a tinge of regret that he didn’t go at his peak, I can’t possibly argue with the campaigning that he’s had. Horse of a lifetime, and I doubt I’ll ever follow one like him again.

    The season has slowly been winding down since then, and the only other real highlights of the spring has been Azzuri at Ayr, and also having a decent Punchestown. If Azzuri can get his ground, then I think he’s top drawer, and hopefully they go for The Galway Plate this summer. The Punchestown Festival, after the horrors of last year, was much better this time around. Plenty of winners about, and some nice each ways, and it felt good to end the season on a high. Special mention to Un De Sceaux.

    Happy happy then, and biggest wins of the season were, Dolphin Vista, Invitation Only, Aspen Colorado, Sire Du Berlais, Any Second Now, and Tiger Roll at Cheltenham, and Navan. Justanotherbottle in The Stewards Cup was almost in there as well, he’d have been a whopper, but the ew, and lay in running was a very decent return in itself.

    Now the losers. Up until this season, the 2016 Ryanair was my biggest losing race ever, with not a penny back on the exchanges. This years Gold Cup easily beat it. The only saving grace was that I had staked only about a third of previous seasons, as I continually trim my Antepost stakes. Almost everything in my book was untouched, and the only lays of note were Tiger Roll, and Bachasson. The Bachasson lay was a strange one, and somebody took it the day he got an entry for The Clonmel Oils. Bizarre, but I was grateful for whoever wanted it anyway. Not that it made a massive difference, and I took a real hiding on the race, regardless of the reduced stakes. It was still a beating, and probably enough for me to bring the Antepost books to a halt, or to dramatically cut back on the stakes again. I didn’t do one on The National this year, so that’s maybe me done with it. Famous last words no doubt.

    Other heavy losses were General Principle in The Troytown, and the Scottish & Irish Nationals did not go well for me at all either. Most disappointing horse of the season for me was Theatre Territory. I had her down as pretty decent. She isn’t. I managed to get out of jail with her in The National, but I had two pretty big bets on her for other races, particularly in the race before The National, and she’s not even close to what I had in mind for her.

    Other lowlights were of course the fatalities. It’s an unfortunate part of the game, and one which I continue to struggle with. Any loss is hard to watch, but it feels worse if they’re one you have a connection with, and there’s a definite sense of guilt if you’ve bet on them. As I said, Gold Cup Day was almost a game changer for me. Sir Erec, Invitation Only, Cubomania, along with that real stalwart of my threads, Kylecrue, were very very hard to take. Gutted doesn’t do it justice.

    On a lighter note, while not quite hitting the totals of the two previous seasons, it was a very successful one, and if I can follow it up I’ll be delighted. I had more double priced winners than I could have hoped for, easily the most I’ve ever had, not to mention plenty of decent each ways, and if I hadn’t been more cautious with The Ante-Posts, some of those winners would have been outrageous, but it’s swings and roundabouts.

    Obvious highlight of the season was Tiger Roll, but Dolphin Vista, Invitation Only, Frodon, and Pairofbrowneyes, weren’t far behind.

    I usually take a proper break at this stage until Royal Ascot, when the flat proper kicks in, but I’ll probably have a few bets about in the big races, as I’ll probably be on here a bit more than usual during the dreaded month of May, doing “housekeeping” on here.

    Just a few Anteposts on the go, as I finish the thread….

    Champion Hurdle
    Fusil Raffles 50’s EW

    Champion Chase
    Chacun Pour Soi 50’s EW
    Dynamite Dollars 50’s EW

    Dallas Des Pictons 33’s

    Dallas Des Pictons 33’s

    Gold Cup
    Burrows Saint 66’s EW
    Delta Work 25’s

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    Fantastic thread as always, VtC. And I’m fully with you on Dynamite Dollars for the Champion Chase at a completely insulting price. Cubomania’s demise was tough to take for me as well, had backed him loads of times throughout the season against more fashionable types. Good luck for next season!

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    Can I still aftertime on here VtC when you’re not around.. :bye: Not that I’m betting much; still tied up with the new [very naughty] dog ! By the way, a lady on facebook has done an amazing painting of Tiger Roll and was selling it for 300 euros. I did think of you; I’m hoping that she’ll do prints of it [it’s worth far more than 300].She and I share the same name, so I asked her if I could pretend I’d painted it [if only]. Seeing photos of Saint Ate showing in hand on facebook; he beat Cue Card the other day. No wonder; he’s such a beauty and good to see him looking so well…

    Venture to CognacVenture to Cognac
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    Of course you can Moe lol.

    I’ll still be here, just trying to keep posts to a minimum, between now and Royal Ascot, as there’s not much of interest betting wise between now and then. May is always the perfect time for a break.

    I’ve seen some great paintings of him Moe, but I want them all lol.

    Venture to CognacVenture to Cognac
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    Cheers Krypton, appreciate that.

    Seen your shout about A Levels on your thread, I feel ancient now lol

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    Hi bob just to say that USPGA thread be up tomorrow so any views on 2nd major for golf i start it tomorrow i will

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