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    While I believe Neteller (a kind of banking intermediary, a bit like PayPal, I thought) is a feature of the poker, rather than the racing, fraternity, I am posting this to the main folder, as I’d prefer not to risk its being marginalised by posting to another folder.

    I wanted to send some money to someone in the US. The information was ambiguous, a drop-down menu incorporated it, while a statement elsewhere stated that the US was not catered for. I thought, well, if that’s the case, I should soon be able to get my money back from them. This has proved to be far from the case. They didn’t require proof of identity from me in advance, as Betfair had re betting in Australia, only when I wanted to withdraw it!

    They said they might be able to check my identity electronically, but just logging on was a major undertaking. I had such difficulty even finding one of their sites on Google, where I might log on that I thought I’d check the experiences of other punters (real poker ones), on various forums, and sure enough they were rife with complaints of manifest malfeasance. The first one I tried to log in on, I got the message that they didn’t treat with living people in the US! In the meantime, they’re having their little jokes,, sending me emails, such as the latest one headed, Get in with the Grand National with Neteller!

    I told them it seemed highly likely that they didn’t deal with the US, because their principals would probably soon find themselves in jail. It turns out I wasn’t too far from the truth, seemingly. I spotted a reference to their dissaffection with the US being due to legal problems they had encountered. Must have been significant and scary for the directors. The fact that they are able to operate in this country is an utter indictment of the Financial Services Authority.

    The Bank of Scotland’s Fraud Department retrieved money that MacAfee had illicitly take from my account in no time. This would not be so straightforward, if even possible at all, at this juncture, as I’ve been determined to go after them, bald-headed, straight away, without jumping through futile hoops for them; publicising their seemingly pro-active lack of transparency and their risible obstructionism on the most elementary level. I’m able to take this bloody-minded attitude, because, while I haven’t two pennies to rub together, I’ve decided if the worst came to the worst, I could suffer the loss, content in the knowledge that I’d done my best to publicise the wickedness of the outfit.

    Some poor lad on a poker thread was complaining that they’d closed his account – he had no money in it – without giving any reason. He didn’t seem to realise how lucky he was!

    Anyone interested, Google Neteller and you’ll see the various forums containing complaints about them.

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    This is old hat complaining about perfectly legitimate companies.

    Google Paypal Moneybookers or whoever you like and you get the same moans.

    I told them it seemed highly likely that they didn’t deal with the US, because their principals would probably soon find themselves in jail

    Can’t beat diplomacy when you are asking someone for help……bet they love you :mrgreen:

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    Is English your first language, Hurdy? It doesn’t sound like it to me. Perfectly legitimate company! I’m glad I never had business dealings with you, buddy. And, yes, I’ve always been a fan of Dale Carnegie.

    Have you got shares in Neteller? Do you think those multiple complaints on different forums were written by malcontents who had nothing better to do. Yes, I’ll lose £60 rather than be jerked around by them, but it won’t bring them a lot of luck. It’s a true saying, what goes round comes round.

    In the meantime I shall continue in the company of that merry band of grizzlers you were wittering on about writing to other forums and various consumer-protection entities.

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    Prefaced by my latest reply, this will give you a flavour of Neteller’s shenanigans:

    Dear Gigi,

    "The deposit made was changed from GBP to USD, as your account is in USD."

    The above is clearly a non sequitur, since, as you immediately indicate in your next sentence:

    "The only one deposit in your account was made in March 26 accepted and in the same day was transferred to another member."

    ….. this was the first transaction I made/attempted to make, so Neteller converted it to dollars and claimed to have sent it, patently in bad faith, i.e mendaciously.

    This was confirmed by the putative recipient, who tried to cash it and was given this catalogue of transparently infantile evasions by Neteller:

    Response Via Email(Sandra A) – 27/03/2012 03.28 PM
    Dear N,

    Thank you for your email.

    Unfortunately, I can’t respond to your request because this email address is not registered to your NETELLER account. This presents a security risk, as we have no way of being certain that we are corresponding with the true account holder.

    Please go to this link to resubmit your question using the email address registered with your NETELLER account. I, or one of my fellow NETELLER representatives will respond as soon as possible.

    If you have changed email addresses and no longer have access to the address you registered on your account, please go here to learn how to change the email address that is on your NETELLER account: … p_faqid=10

    The NETELLER Customer Service Team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have any further questions, comments or concerns, please visit You can also follow us at or connect with us at

    Thank you for choosing NETELLER!

    Sandra A.
    Member Service Agent (2232)

    Customer By Email (N S) – 26/03/2012 09.27 PM

    Please escalate this to Tier 2 support.  It appears your tier 1 support
    does not understand the problem.

    I do NOT have a netseller account so how could this person look up the
    information and not find the transaction in an account that does NOT exist
    and has NEVER existed???   I live in the United States and I have a
    customer in the UK that tried to send me $90. USD using your "world wide
    money transfer" service that he was not aware you consider the United
    States to be on a different planet and cannot transfer money to me.  I
    received the email saying he sent me the money and I was to go to Netseller
    and open an account to receive the money.  I went to Netseller and the page
    said I could not open an account because I live in the United States.
    Either I need to get the money some how or my customer needs to be
    reimbursed  so he can send me the money some other way.

    Your web page "*world wide* money transfer" is extremely misleading and is
    the cause of the problem.  If my customer knew I could not open a Netseller
    account, he would never have used your service to send me the money.

    Is this that difficult to understand or does it need to be escalated to


    N S

    On Mon, Mar 26, 2012 at 6:52 PM, NETELLER Customer Support <> wrote:


    Response Via Email(Naomi) – 26/03/2012 07.52 PM
    Dear N,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    WIth regards to your inquiry, I caould not find any transaction history in your NETELLER account that someone tried to transfer money you mentioned about.

    Please send a copy of ID and address verification document to reopen your account. Ac security department needs additional verification on your account.  Please send your documents to Remember to send them from the email address registered to your NETELLER account, and it is a good idea to include your NETELLER account ID number in the body of the message.

    To verify your identity and address, we need to see a clear colour copy of the front and back of your government-issued photo ID as well as a document proving your address. This could either be done by scanning the documents or by taking a high resolution digital photograph, and sending it as an attachment in an email sent from the email address registered to your NETELLER account.

    The proof of identity document must show your full name, photo, a document number, and your date of birth. All four corners of both the front and back must be visible, and the document must be current and valid. Acceptable government-issued photo ID includes:
    -driver license
    -passport (including the page showing your signature)
    -ID card
    -permanent resident or alien registration card
    -PAN ID (for members from India)

    The address verification document must show your full name, address (matching the address on your NETELLER account), and document issue date. It must have been issued within the past 90 days, and again, all four corners must be visible. Please also note that we cannot accept images of online statements – all documents must have been physically printed by the issuing institution.

    Acceptable address verification documents are:
    -utility bill (for heating, electricity, water, cable, landline telephone, sewer, etc.)
    -an original printed statement from your financial institution (bank, credit card, mortgage, insurance, investments – please note we do not accept statements from purely online financial institutions)
    -a signed and stamped letter from your financial institution confirming your account with them, your address, and your full name
    -any government correspondence (including tax documents, court documents, even parking tickets!)

    The NETELLER Customer Service Team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have any further questions, comments or concerns, please visit You can also follow us at or connect with us at

    Thank you for choosing NETELLER!

    **********Join our Reward Points program and you can earn rewards every time you use your eWallet. Just sign in to your account and select the “Reward Points” banner on the account summary page to start collecting points. Every time you move money in or out of your eWallet you’ll earn reward points. For more information visit:

    We’ve just launched our new Reward Points Program, and to celebrate, we’re giving three lucky people a massive head start toward earning their rewards by giving away millions of free points, which can be exchanged for up to 30,000 USD!

    Naomi Y.
    Member Service Agent (2244)

    Customer By Web Form (N S) – 26/03/2012 10.31 AM

    I was sent $90. via your service by someone in the UK.  I tried signing up but the error page said I can’t because your service is not available to US residents. Funny how you converted it to US dollars yet won’t let US residents sign up.

    BEWARE Neteller!

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