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Neil’s Weekend Handicap : Week 17

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    Welcome to the Weekend’s Handicap (which is incorporating Pat’s Saturday Handicap) : Occasionally though when a big race is on a bank holiday I may choose that.

    Here are the rules.


    1 It’s open to everyone, just pop your selections on the relevant thread. IE this one. :good:

    2 You’ve have one win selection and one each way selection. Should for some reason you fail to have 2 selections then I’ll only count your actual runner.

    3 Reserves are advised as many as you like, but will only be used if your main selection doesn’t run and in the order written if multiple.

    4 The competition is 20 weeks, however things happen in life so will count those with a minimum of 13 weeks. Those with less will go into a sub list. If for any reason you’ve made your selections but none actually run then I will count it as an entry in the comp.

    5 Each Way will be quarter odds

    6 Places will be the equivalent to Bookmakers standards for up to 20 runners;
    that 2 for 5 to 7;
    3 for 8 to 15;
    4 for 16 to 20.
    However for races with 21 to 24 I’m going 5 places, 25 to 28 6 places : anything above that 7 places. :good:

    7 For any runner which is left in the stall or refuses to race, I will count as a non runner but will keep the better place terms.

    IE if 21 runners are down at start, but for some reason one doesn’t run leaving 20 runners I’ll still count the placings as 21 runners meaning 5 places still count. :good:

    Will check on either ITV Racing or Racing Post website.

    8 I’ll be picking my races on Thursday night or Friday morning (small hours), if for any reason it’s cancelled then I’ll pick an alternative race for Sunday.

    9 You’ve got until race time to send your tips in. If main race meeting doesn’t pass inspection, the alternate race might be earlier so keep a eye on that. :mail:

    10 I’m upping the stakes to 20 points win, each way 10 points these will be the main points, but for those getting first and second with either selections I will be adding in bonus points of whatever the C.S.F pays.
    So each race has 42 points staked. B-)

    11 If for any reason you change your mind, as long as it’s before race time then that’s fine but no editing please, just make a new post. I will only count your last post if one is made.

    12 Any trouble posting then send me a private message :good:

    13 I’m adding in a small prize of £25 to the winner, or runner up if I won it. Plus a tenner for best forecast.
    If 2 or more is tied on the forecast then the forecast in correct order comes first. Still more than one and it’s first to that score.

    Red Rum 77
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    Leader Board after Sixteenth Week.


    The Krypton Factor +866.28
    Raymo 61 +676.75
    Venture To Cognac +662.00
    Nathan Hughes +218.87
    Mincamus +136.00
    Michael Walsh +50.00
    Robnorth +39.25
    Dfward -13.00
    Wyldesyde -105.25
    Greenasgrass -156.50(^4)
    Steve 75 -177.50
    Euroalien -90.00
    Cormack15 -218.50 (^8)
    Big G -227.00
    Middle Of March -242.00 (^5)
    Dynamite 21 -265.00 (^6)
    Triptch -276.38
    Bob Rolf -330.00
    Red Rum 77 -439.87
    Sea Pidgeon -446.25
    John Gooch -490.75
    Yahoo -512.25

    Best forecast (THE KRYPTON FACTOR £704.53 Week 6 (straight way))

    Sub list

    Silent Assassins 0.00

    Although this little competition is drawing to a close, hopefully I’ve saved the best to last.
    This week race is the first leg of the Autumn double

    bet365 Cambridgeshire Handicap 3.40 Newmarket.

    Good luck everyone in trying to get that elusive forecast. :good:

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    Win – Majestic Dawn

    Each-Way – Fastnet Crown

    Reserve – Bell Rock

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    Win Dance Jupiter
    EW Raise You
    Res Maries Diamond

    Red Rum 77
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    Win : Chichester, res Irish Admiral

    EW : Indeed , Magical Morning

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    Hi Neil :bye:

    Bell Rock .. Win
    Marie’s Diamond .. EW

    Magical Morning

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
    Michael Walsh
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    3:40 Newmarket Astro King 20 pts win
    Fastnet Crown 10pts ew

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    Irish Admiral – Win (Magical Morning)

    Ropey Guest – E/Way (Majestic Dawn)

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    Win – Anmaat

    Each way – Good Birthday

    Reserve – Uncle Bryn

    bob rolf
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    win – fantastic fox
    ew – ametist

    res – long tradition

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    Win – Uncle Bryn (Magical Morning)

    EW – Indeed (Royal Marine)

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    Long Tradition – WIN

    Irish Admiral – E/W

    Reserve – Ammaat

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    Win… Anythingtoday (Royal Marine)
    EW… Trais Fluors (Breath Caught)

    John Gooch
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    Win Selection – Chichester

    Each Way Selection – Magical Morning

    Reserve Selection – Uncle Bryn

    Many Thanks :good:

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