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Neil’s Weekend Handicap : Season 6 Week 15

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    Red Rum 77
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    Race Date 24th February 2024

    This competition will run until late April/ or early May depending on when the National Hunt season ends.


    1 Everyone is welcome, just make an entry below.

    2 Two different selections must be made, one win and one each way.

    3 It is strongly suggested that reserves be made. Remember these will only come into effect if you have non runners, and also the order written.

    4 Scores will be update weekly, (old score – stake + winnings = new score).
    The stake will be either 0 points if no selections are left, 50 points for 1 runner, 100 points for both runners. Any winnings will include their stake unit back, like what you get back from a bookies.

    5 Selections can be updated/ Amended before the off time of the race, but please make a new post. If you do then I will use the latest post only.

    6 The each way part will be calculated at quarter odds.

    7 Number of places I will use will be :

    Handicaps of up to 20 runners, will be normal number of places.
    Handicaps of 21 to 24 runners 5 places
    Handicaps of 25 to 28 runners 6 places
    Handicaps of 29+ runners 7 places

    Should the be a non runner reducing the number of places, I will use the original number of runners in the field as stated in the morning papers.

    8 A win selection will have a 50 point win on it
    An each way selection will have a 25 point each way on it at quarter odds.
    The will be a free forecast at 1 point, for those getting first and second (either way) which I will use racing post details for payout.
    For fun I will keep a track on successful outsiders (whether it wins or placed)

    9 An alternative race will be made at another venue, this should only be used if the main race venue gets cancelled. Sometimes it might be earlier than the original race so keep an eye on that.

    This week’s main race is Eider Handicap Chase 2.08 Newcastle

    4.30 Southwell is the Substitute race.


    1 Robnorth +1,574.74
    2 Red Rum 77 +369.30
    3 Refuse To Bend +262.50
    4 Kendicate +225
    5 007Canfordcliffs +234.12
    6 Steve75 +175
    7 Raymo61 +156.25
    8 Illavim +121.88
    9 Landafar -6.25
    10 Michael Walsh -106.50
    11 Dfward -150
    12 Venture To Cognac -256.25
    13 Triptych -356.25
    14 Nathan Hughes -547.06
    15 John Gooch -599.37
    16 Nawoo -600
    17 Greenasgrass -618.76
    18 Chiver1987 -789.06
    19 BigG -900
    20 Quelle Farce -960.94
    21 Wyldesyde -1,050
    22 Euroalien -1,259.38

    Avatar photoQuelle Farce
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    Win – Prince Des Fichaux
    EW – Gold Clermont
    Res – Fenland Tiger

    If that’s off, the Southwell race guess is:
    Win – Valsad
    EW – Barenboim
    Res – Aqwaam

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    Win Cruz Control
    E/W – Easy Bucks

    Reserve – Anglers
    Re Ew- Rath an Inur

    Avatar photo007canfordcliffs
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    win anglers crag
    ew the galloping bear
    res flower of scotland

    License to kill the bookies

    Avatar photoChivers1987
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    Win – Angler’s Crag
    EW – The Galloping Bear

    Res – Flower Of Scotland

    Avatar photoNathan Hughes
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    Win – Fenland Tiger
    EW – Cruz Control
    Sub – Angler’s Crag

    Blackbeard to conquer the World

    Avatar photodfward
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    Win… Gold Clermont (Fenland Tiger)
    EW… Prince Des Fichaux (Major Dundee)

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    2:08 Newcastle Flower Of Scotland Win
    Rath An Iuir E/W

    Avatar photowyldesyde
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    The Galloping Bear
    Major Dundee

    Avatar photoEuroalien
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    Flower of Scotland – Win (Fenland Tiger)

    Major Dundee – E/Way (Cruz Control)

    Avatar photoBigG
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    Rath An Luir – WIN

    Major Dundee – E/W

    Reserve – Christopher Wood

    John Gooch
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    Win Selection: Fenland Tiger

    Each Way Selection: The Galloping Bear

    Reserve Selection: Anglers Crag

    Many Thanks :good: :bye:

    Red Rum 77
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    Win : Flower Of Scotland

    EW : Anglers Crag

    Res : Cruz Control

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    Win Flower of Scotland
    EW Christopher Wood
    Res The Galloping Bear

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    Major Dundee Win
    Christopher Wood E/W
    Res Flower of Scotland

    Avatar photoTriptych
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    Anglers Crag – WIN
    Christopher Wood – EW

    Flower Of Scotland

    Thanks Neil.. :good:

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
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    Win – Flower Of Scotland
    EW – Christopher Wood

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