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    Jim Baxter
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    hi willis8, <br>Have you found bets on the all-weather for any of your systems which work on the national hunt if you have then there is a good chance the flat turf might work with them, although nothing is guaranteed:) .

    p.s. just noticed that was your first post wecome to the board willis8.

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    Hi Willis8<br> My view is if a system is based on a number of different rateing methods such as the 5/4 system on the paul66 thread then it should work on any type of race. If the system has been developed from study of just the jumps then I would be very careful and just paper trade it first.<br>Some of the more experanced members may be able to give examples to prove or disprove my comments but I think I am right.


    dave jay
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    Hi Willis8 and welcome … I would suggest that you develop flat and NH systems separately, unless you can co-relate the data or information your system is based on directly from one code to the other. That’s the way I see it anyway.

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