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    Winning for Simon Dow on Corazon Espinado was a pleasant surprise.
    Did she forget to mention this in her anthraces piece on Friday, I remember many years ago a well known jumps trainer did a stable tour in the weekender spoke about his runners for Cheltenham that weekend, apart from 1, that horse won the handicap hurdle at 33/1.

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    Congratulations to Hollie for bagging her second Group One today, aboard Trueshan in the Goodwood Cup.

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    Hollie Doyle rode a belter on Trueshan today, nobody was going to get past her and congratulations also on riding Lord Riddiford and Sisters In The Sky. :good:

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    Slightly surprised by the tone of some of this article. Talk of Doyle being a “gem” and having a “winning smile”.

    It does not really bother me but would RTV have made such comments about a male jockey?

    Shouldn’t we be getting away from drawing attention to female jockeys and just treating them as jockeys?

    I know there are several presenters and pundits on RTV who see themselves on the liberal side of politics. I wonder what would Lydia Hislop for example think about the description of Doyle, which could be construed as patronising?

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    I agree.

    I think Hollie Doyle is an excellent jockey, but she’s one of the smaller, lighter, jockeys and she might have done better in the era when the weight range was lower.

    If she rides Trueshan in the Northumberland Plate on Saturday she’ll surely have two stone of dead weight in the saddle cloth.

    That’s an extreme example, but the best objective criticism of Doyle I’ve heard is that she sometimes struggles on big strong horses who take a real hold in the same way light weight jockey Michael Roberts used to.

    In the current weight range era she could probably do with being that tiny bit taller, heavier and consequently stronger.

    But pound for pound, who’s better than her?

    No one, I’d say because she’s a naturally gifted rider and tactically she’s outstanding.

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Viewing 6 posts - 69 through 74 (of 74 total)
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