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    I love him really, been a big supporter over the years, especially after what happened with Al Zarooni. I just know for a fact the next time I back one of his it will get beat.

    P.S Euroalien, there was never any meditating or yoga nonsense, it was all biscuits, biscuits, biscuits.

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    5.35 Mr Kaffoo :heart:
    To Follow up on his win last week.
    Thought he looked very progressive. :good:

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
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    Ouch Mr. Kaffoo 2nd.. :wacko:
    Seemed to take forever to get within 1/2 length of the winner.

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
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    And for the lucky last……

    6.10 – Stormy Ocean .. 13/2- EW

    By Frankel out of an Oasis Dream mare and originally a Godolphin horse trained by Charlie Appleby.
    He was ‘gifted’ to the Crisfords and and won his first race for them at Meydan.
    The booking of William Buick looks encouraging and expect him to run a big race this time :good: Jac

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
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    well done raymo

    place part of Sari dubai 15/1 so no damage done, good stuff ladies/gents see you next week

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    Well done with Intricacy Raymo :yahoo: I should have backed them both.
    Just scraped by today nothing won but not much lost.

    Did get 600 Bonus points in the compy though….

    Ruling Dynasty 1st
    Global Heat 5th
    Military March – last

    Can hardly believe it :good: Jac

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
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    that should read 15/2 :wacko:

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    Look forward to seeing you next Friday Nick.. :good: Really enjoy watching some decent flat racing at the moment.
    Sadly not enjoying the NH like I used too..Jac :rose:

    Godolphin Fantasy League

    Points …. 4070
    Position .. 250th

    3 Swaps remaining

    I didn’t use my Mawj swap out today as no Group races.. :good:

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
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    I’ve missed most of the fun on Friday, I was away most of the day in Glasgow
    with Marjorie at physiotherapy. I hope Dave is still doing well after getting
    his stitches out Jac, my balance can be a bit of a pig too.

    Well done Nick and Raymo getting a return, and 600 points on the bonus race
    Jac….wow :yahoo:

    I got back after the races were over (Marjorie just had
    to stop at Marks on the way back to get a couple of pairs of trousers, to go
    with the 300 already in her wardrobe.) I’m kidding, she deserved them, she’s
    worked hard.

    I swapped in Ruling Dynasty for Mawj and had him down to win obviously.
    I also had Global Heat in 5th so not quite up to Jac’s standard, but 520 Points.
    I had Al Nafir down for 3rd and Military March down for 7th, near but no cigar
    from them.

    Points 3930
    Position 295
    Swaps 3 left

    I’d better start looking at saturday now :mail:

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    Got out of jail with INTRICACY . A bit wayward in the final furlong but much too good for them :good: :good:
    I had the first and second the wrong way round in the bonus race and had the wrong one out of the other two to finish last so all in all bit of a disaster on the bonus race 😥 😥

    Avatar photoTonge
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    400 points for Ruling Dynasty and Military March so now on 3230 points (442nd). Haven’t used my Mawj swap yet. Gambling on the chance that there will be a Godolphin horse running in a Group race next week (and that there won’t be enough to warrant swapping the whole lot!)

    And what on earth have they done to Military March? Seems a very long time ago that he was 4th in the 2000 Guineas. Gelded as punishment for a poor run in Dubai and has been worse than useless ever since.

    Avatar photoEuroalien
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    Hello Everyone

    120 pts from Great Truth plus 200 pts from the bonus race putting me at 3,870 pts and 305th OR. Well done Jac – scoring 600 pts from the bonus race is quite an achievement! How is Dave doing – hopefully recovering from his fall.

    Next thing you know Catherine, Military March will be running in the 2:45 at Uttoxeter!

    I was going to make a comment about your stop at M&S Graham, but I decided it was best to just stay quiet lol :wacko: Hope you and Marjorie are both doing well.

    Intricacy was a nice winner for your Raymno!

    Just under seven weeks till my retirement date – the countdown is on now!!

    Good Luck with all your bets and comp picks today!
    Stay Safe

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    I decided keeping mum was the way forward too Andre :whistle:

    Well the 1st of my Saturday 3, Emitom, came in at 5/1 so I’m
    hoping my next 2 can do as well :good:

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    I’m late to the party today as we’ve had the Plumber round the house all day draining radiators and getting our boiler working again. Pleased to say we are now feeling much warmer.. :good:

    Well done with getting 400 Bonus points Graham and Catherine and bad luck close. :wacko:

    Looking at the SBS form and the way that Military March has fallen out of love with the game since being gelded it was always going to be last place for him and its’ sad to see a horse so near the top of his game as a 3yo turning in runs like this. I hope they were just looking after him and he storms in at 20/1 sometime in the future. He really has no option but to carry on racing at the moment. The gelding seemed particularly pointless in his case but they must have had their reasons.

    I’m going to start with Marjorie’s trousers and say you can never have enough pairs of them and lucky she didn’t want shoes, handbag and a few new tops to match Graham..I think you ‘got out of jail’ free there x😂🤣
    Hope the physio went well. :good:
    Dave had his stitches out on Thursday and so far so good thank you Graham & Andre. He has a final appointment to discuss his BP medications next week.
    Well done with Emitom winning at 5/1 :yahoo: I did notice your other two didn’t make the frame but a 5/1 is another good move forward in the competition. Shiskin was a worthy winner today as was Edwardstone but your boy ran a terrific race to be 2nd. :good:

    Andre bet you can’t wait for the Spring and your retirement, hope you are making lots of plans to travel..just don’t forget to write in ‘visit Newmarket the HQ of racing’ at the top of your list..The Bedford Lodge Hotel is the place to stay if you come a stones throw from Warren Hill and the Gallops. :heart:
    Well done with gaining some points with Great Truth and getting 200 Bonus points for Ruling Dynasty. I thought at one point Al Nafir was going to take it it was an exciting race.

    All my horses in ‘Select 3’ are still to run at Newcastle and Wolves and I’m hoping to get off the 14 points I’ve been stuck on since before last Christmas..fingers crossed.

    Just seen on the Thread that our CAS almost pulled off a 28/1 Nap that got reeled in in the final run to the post..ouch Cork :wacko: can only hope you backed it each way. :good:

    Off to hopefully cheer on my first runner Havana Force in the 5.45 Newcastle..he was my Nap a few weeks back but was beaten by his stable companion who was favourite..Have chosen the 6.30 Wolves for my Nap the Andrew Balding trained Torrent he’s the only one with some decent form against 3 newbies 2 of them trained by Charlie Appleby :wacko: …just taking a chance that Balding’s Torrent experience tells John & Thady Gosden have my last choice Cover Up running for Godolphin in the 6.45 at Newcastle, he’ll be a short price but if he wins I have done a small Trixie on all 3 and that would be most welcome.

    I will do an update on the Godolphin Fantasy League Comp over the weekend when I’ve updated ‘3 Horses’ tonight.
    Like Catherine I hope there might be a nice Group race next week to use my Mawj swap…good luck to her in her retirement and wish her all the luck in her new career as a broodmare.. :good:

    Stay safe
    Jac :heart: x

    Managed one winner today Godolphin’s Cover Up trained by John & Thady Gosden won 13/8 6.45 Newcastle…finally off the 14 points mark and onto 15 hurray. :good:

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
    Avatar photoTriptych
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    TRF Godolphin Fantasy League – Dubai World Cup – Competition 2024
    Scores as at 12th February 2024

    4070 Points – Jac (Triptych) – 250th
    3930 Points – Graham (BigG) – 295th
    3870 Points – Andre (Euroalien) – 305th
    3230 Points – Catherine (Tonge) – 442nd
    3020 Points – Raymo – 491st
    ??? Points – John Gooch – ???
    Just a little update before the next round of our competition, snd I seem to have managed to gain 600 Bonus points and grab a small lead over Graham in 2nd position and Andre in 3rd.
    Hoping to have a few more Group races this Friday as we head towards Super Saturday in March. :good: Jac :rose:

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
    Avatar photosporting sam
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    Hello all. Good to see you at the top of the table Jac.
    Big G not far behind.
    I’ve been to a huge stately home today helping the garden team to continue their huge rose pruning programme.
    I’m clueless when it comes to pruning these amazing plants and to get to be beside someone with years of experience is humbling.
    There is a young Wisley graduate who splits his time between here and another famous Suffolk garden in hadleigh once owned and grown by a famous painter 👩‍🎨 and his legacy has spawned thousands of gardeners eager to follow in his footsteps. I’m just happy to be learning so much in one day. You really can teach an old dog 🐕 new tricks.

    Avatar photoTriptych
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    Sounds the ideal place to be Sam and you can never stop learning and picking up valuable knowledge. Working with the Garden Team of a stately home must have been so satisfying for you. :rose:

    It was such a beautiful day yesterday I went for a walk along the sea wall of the Estuary of the River Blackwater which takes you to the tidal crossing to Osea Island. So peaceful and so many sea birds to spot on the way. It is lovely to get a beautiful winter day to wander along just meeting a few dog walkers and taking in the lovely views.❤️ It’s a popular location for movie makers as it is completely timeless.
    It was my birthday yesterday and I did stop off at the local Tiptree Tea Room on the way back which has views across to the Island for coffee and a slice of cake. :rose: Jac

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
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