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    Hi Everyone :bye: Just checking in after a busy day, been at a birthday barbecue all day (not mine) it was really great to see all my friends again..was popping inside to watch my races during the day (but nobody noticed) just thought I needed the smallest room a lot with all the Pimms that was going around.

    Just finished adding up the 4PP scores and emailed them to Nathan and it looks like we all did pretty well with our scores today especially Andre with 41 points in the 4PP well done. :good: and Nathan had another week of good scores with his Nap Bosh coming home. Graham your 18/1 on Black Rod 2nd got you a decent 14 points (22 in total) :good:

    I didn’t get a chance to check in with my horses but they were all as in the comps and I managed a nice double with Side Shot 6/1 who I Napped and General Koff 6/1 who ran a blinder from last position almost all the way round to a blasting run down the outside to take the race….Wow that was impressive.

    Graham… what a day you have had with the bookie bashing, no need to list but interesting to see how all the money piled in for you today. I know how keen you were on Latest Generation and once again another attack of the seconds strikes for us, you were certainly sitting on a nice few Trebles and 4folds, the bookies were getting worried. I’m a bit like you with the cashing out and usually let the bet run.
    Really great betting Graham you certainly know how to put a decent Acca together… B-)

    Andre .. Thank you for that article on Snow Lantern that has given me a lot of confidence in her for the Coronation really hope she wins. I wonder how Sean Levey knew that she was holding her breath. I don’t think so. Just watched her race again and my belief still is that she was (deliberately) intimidated by the two Godolphin horses, tactics I would have expected from Ballydoyle but not Godolphin. see James Doyle move closer to SL just as she is beginning to make a move and he starts riding his horse hard with arms and whip flying about at the same time Creative Flair moves across SL’s path so that she is in the middle of the two horses both jockeys arms flying…that is enough to put her off and break her run. Convinced she will do better next week and excited to see her again. :good:

    Nice to see you popping back here Sam and sounds like your bets are doing well for you, good luck with the June Thread. :good:

    Lot’s on competitions on here next week and also the Tote Ten To Follow Royal Ascot Competition.
    I have put a free stable into Graham’s League but need to adjust a few of them as I just chose a quick random 10 runners, some good but a few not even turning up to will be looking to get my Stable together properly by Monday.
    Good luck to everyone taking in part. :good:

    Have a lovely time in Arizona Andre and with all those miles you are doing hope you get to see some of the Royal Ascot action and pick a few good ones out for Nathan’s competition. I will be back at Newmarket on Saturday so watching all the action from there. :yahoo:

    Look forward to seeing all your choices, if not here then on the Competition and like Graham did today, go out and give those Bookies a bashing.

    Good luck with your Godolphin choices too for the Fantasy League too and look out for those Bonus Races next week… :rose:
    So many comps buzzing around my head, I think it’s time to get some sleep…night all Jac :rose: :bye:

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
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    Sounds like you’ve had quite a day Jac, those Pimms can sneak up on you :whistle:
    On top of that that was a terrific double, 6/1 X 2, and a nap for the competition
    too :yahoo:

    As you said, there are so many competitions on the go at the moment that it’s no
    wonder that our heads are spinning :wacko: We’re still the 3 amigos in the Tote
    Royal Ascot competition, and to be honest I thought it might be quite difficult to
    whip up enough interest in it, I’ll have another rant on by soapbox on Monday and
    try and haul in a few stragglers

    It’s great to see that our gang in here have all been putting the bookies to the sword,
    Andre with a great score in the 4PP and Nathan with his nap too. At least we’re going
    into Royal Ascot with enough ammunition for a 21 gun salute :yes:

    Good luck with all the driving Andre, you’re doing more in one drive over there, 2,000
    miles, than I’ve done in my jalopy all year. It will all be worth it, it’s just great to
    have family around you again after all the isolation. Take care out there and all the best
    for your daughter’s move :good:

    Good luck gang, started watching Kinky Boots a bit late after taping it, thought we’d watch
    a bit but it’s such a laugh we saw it through. Good luck all of you south of the border (not
    down Mexico way) in the footie tomorrow, well later today, I hope you get off to a flyer. You’re
    going to need it as I had a dream, seriously I did, that Scotland were 2 up at half time against
    England and that’s with 1 ball that crossed the line which the ref didn’t give. I argued with the
    ref but he said the ball had to hit the back of the net before it was a goal. I told him he was
    wrong and he said he’d have a look at it at half time. As strange as it may seem, and it is strange,
    I swear I’m not making this up. I have no idea what happened in the 2nd half as I woke up. Knowing
    the Scots we probably lost 3-2 :cry:

    Nathan Hughes
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    Jac, I love pimms o’clock and one day I will make it down to Newmarket and buy us a jug of it.. :whistle:

    BigG, don’t worry about the second half we can all just lump on the half time score
    don’t suppose you remember who scored the first goal?

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    Sounds like you had a fun filled day Jac. Glad you were able to sneak away to watch some racing & to top it off you got a really nice double! :yahoo: Well done. I’m happy that you get to go back to your beloved Newmarket next Saturday. A full report is expected :good:

    Yes the road trip will be quite something. We did the same trip in reverse when she moved to Arizona four years ago. We’ll do it over three days, so it’s not horrible. I’ll be happy if I can get my picks in for the competitions while I’m on the road & maybe catch a few highlights at the end of each day.

    It was nice to finally get some winners in some of the comps. I had a couple of decent priced winners in my reserves too. Hopefully it will be a good sign for the Ascot comp. I’m still undecided about my Godolphin stable – being in last place in that comp, it’s tempting to just blow it up and start over, but patience is the key – maybe lol

    Getting ready to watch England in the Euro’s. Would love to see them #BringItHome but the realist in me sees them going out on pens to Germany in the knock-out stage.

    Good Luck with your bets today. Keep some back for Ascot next week!

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    Can’t remember who the 1st goalscorer was Nathan, it was possible it was me but
    I can’t find any bookie giving odds on me :unsure:

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    Lol Graham..😅🤣😂
    Enjoy the footie today guys and rooting for England. :good: My son said that Italy played a good game too. So might even be tempted to watch if England v Italy was on the cards.

    I will be looking out for some nice eyecatchers at Newmarket on Saturday Andre and will report back on Sunday..let’s hope we are all counting our cash from Royal Ascot and there are no major upsets, although there are bound to be a few dreams crushed.
    Did you read John Gosden saying his 3yo crop is not up to much this year and he is relying heavily on his older horses for the big prizes. The way his season is going at present it seems that could be the case.

    The Godolphin swap situation is dire for me as at least 6 of my stable have entries at high level I don’t want to swap those ones out yet so it leaves me with 3 or 4 to swap in. :wacko:

    Problem is that Godolphin are targeting top level French races and winning them also on the International stage where Essential Quality has shown his brilliance. We are all concentrating on the UK Classics where we should be incorporating more of the overseas action but it’s difficult when you are unfamiliar with the opposition. :scratch: a real headscratcher.

    I guess we just play the game with our own tactics and see how it pans out. At least we still have all our swaps. :good:

    You’re right Graham heads will be spinning with all the comps this week..but most important thing is to remember to get your choices in.

    Off to look at what’s left of today’s cards..Godolphin already had a Listed winner at Longchamp this afternoon and two chances at Group 2 Level running is a very difficult competition but lots more to come and as Andre says we just have to be patient. :good:

    Best of luck..Jac :bye:

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
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    I will have, at most, four runners from my Godolphin stable at Ascot this week, with four horses that still haven’t run a race. Such a tough comp, with plenty of good runners in France and at least one (Essential Quality) running in the US. I need to find some information on more of their runners outside the UK. That maybe the key…. or not :scratch:

    I did not see that article about Gosden’s 3YOs – can’t say I’m really surprised though.

    Hope you found a winner or two late in the day Jac.

    Stay Safe Everyone, don’t forget to get your picks in for all the comps and Good Luck.

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    I didn’t back any horses yesterday in the end Andre thought I would save up for the big 5 days coming up.
    Been picking my compy horses in the sunshine this afternoon and what a great days racing it is tomorrow my favourite day of the whole Meeting . :good:

    Just about to put them on and hoping no non runners..

    What an opener with Palace Pier and then can anything beat Battaash this year?& no Glass Slippers she runs later in the week but there are a few new kids on the block after his Crown. :yes:

    Good luck all and enjoy your Road Trip with your daughter Andre..hope you get time to catch a bit of the action. :rose:

    Oh yes the Godolphin Comp..I’m sitting on mine at the moment as have 6 or 7 that will run this week so see how they go. :good:

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
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    My horses for day one at Ascot

    BAATASH 4/1
    GISBURN 10/1
    Chindit 14/1

    Nor be watching Ascot tomorrow or Wednesday because I be on Centre Court at Queens watching the Tennis be 1st time see Andy Murray and other good players to so can’t wait

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    I went against both Palace Pier and Battaash for the points in the comp but expect both will win. I took a chance with my nap on my girl Rachael in the Ascot stakes. Picking winners sitting in the sun sounds good Jac – hope you find a few!

    The trip to Arizona & road trip back will be fun, with average temps around 115F (45C). We’ll have a good time regardless

    Good Luck with everyone with all your bets.

    Have a great time at Queens Darren!

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    I’m hopeful I can have another decent run with the same bet I had at the
    weekend, 1 E/W accum and 4 E/W trebles. Two have run and both were placed,
    Chindit 11/2 and Elesian Flame 16/1. I’m being offered 60 quid with Solid
    Stone 4/1 amd Sadier 100/30 still to go. I think they have a great chance of
    being placed so it would work out quite tasty. Fingers crossed :good:

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    Decent race by Solid Stone who finished 3rd. Cash out is now £150.29 but I’ve no intention
    of cashing out, hopefully Willie has got Sadier in a good enough state to take a place here.
    He’s shortening to 5/2 at the moment which is encouraging. It wouldn’t be a colossal pay out
    but it would make it a winning day.

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    Well thank goodness Skybet were 5 places, I thought for a horrible moment he was going
    to be 6th. Anyway, alls well that ends well, trebles £474.36 the accum £264,60. So a
    return of £759.36, profit of £659.36. The accum I did on Saturday, which paid a good
    bit more, was an unusual bet for me as I don’t normally do accums, doubles or trebles,
    but I think I’ll fling in the occassional one until it starts to go pear shaped.

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    On the train back home now loved the Tennis today saw Andy Murray win also Dan Evans win to with Dennis Shapalov.I be back there tomorrow with Murray vs BERRETINI who top seed the atmosphere should be electric tomorrow

    Also after Matteo BERRETINI won he walked past me not unable to get a picture with him but he not to blame security guard with him to.

    Hope you guys had a great Ascot today no luck for me

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    Day 2 bets

    Ante post bets

    RUTHRIN 4/1

    Good luck guys

    BigG not forget US open golf this week

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