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    Lovely post Graham and glad to hear you are keeping safe and well. :good:
    Big shout out to Hein and Nathan also. :bye:

    Hi Tonge :bye: Thanks for the welcome update on when racing might resume and hope you and all family are well.. :rose:

    With my Newmarket Annual Badge now sitting on my computer desk I’m wondering what they are going to do about compensating Members for a Season which if it kicks off at all will take place behind closed doors. Will update if I hear anything from The Jockey Club. Fingers and toes crossed that all this might have bu@@ered off before Future Champions meeting before Champions Day at Ascot but not holding my breath.

    Glad to hear that you have your Skysports subs on pause nw and let’s hope that soon some sort of Sport resumes albeit without audience participation.

    Whatever happens the health and wellbeing of our families must be priority and looking after all those keeping the wheels of our fabulous NHS service turning. :heart:

    Keep posting.. :bye: Jac x

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
    Nathan HughesNathan Hughes
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    Hello all.
    Trying to keep busy so have set up internet banking. Vtc will be happy I can transfer over prize money for his 10 to follow now…. :yes:
    Jac, not sure when or if the Flat season will get underway but we should stick a 10 to follow down at some point.
    I did make a shortlist pre Cheltenham, I’ll take a look for it and stick it on here for a bit of fun
    keep well all and keep in touch
    Alex got a strop on yesterday, we created a game of hand ball, he likes Eurovision so I used the songs as a timer to the games. Day 1 I won the 1st two games, the 3rd was a draw, I won on penalty’s. Yesterday I won all 3 games and he kicked off…Not played any games today. What a sore loser… :whistle:

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    Look forward to your 10 to follow for the flat Nathan I’ve got one that doesn’t take much guessing and need to search out another 9 🤔. As you say it will be good fun though. :good:

    You made me laugh with your tale about trying to entertain Alex with your hand ball to the tunes of Eurovision which you seem extremely good at winning and at the risk of annoying Alex our own King of Eurovision has a message just for you… ;-) Great dad dancing by Cliff and his backing group singing in their nighties.. :bye:

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
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    Hope everyone is staying well (& sane). Great idea to get a Ten to Follow up. Who knows when (& if) any of them will actually be able to run but still something positive to keep up ticking over.

    Meanwhile, news of other sports (made me laugh anyway!)

    Wimbledon 2020 to be replaced with Andy Murray playing Swingball alone in his garden

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    👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🌈🌈🌈 :good:
    8.00 Tonight let’s all get on our doorsteps, if we can, to applaud the NHS and keyworkers of all professions.
    👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🌈🌈🌈 :good: Jac :heart:

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
    Nathan HughesNathan Hughes
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    100% Jac, they are a wonderful lot

    I couldn’t find my 10 to follow shortlist but have swatted up a little this afternoon
    I came up with over 20 and narrowed it down to 14

    Such a shame the season may get wiped out, fingers crossed we can beat this virus.
    Not sure on the plans of the like of Battaash or Stradivarius haven’t heard anything on possibly retirements

    Japan (Star Horse) Aidan O’Brien is a genius with these mid to late improvers 20’s for the Arc thank you very much
    Pinatubo I think the mile will be fine for this horse but if not any trip under that should clean up
    Born with Pride love this filly.. :heart:
    Earthlight Looked a monster 2 y/o
    King of Change I had to stick in one of Hannon’s won the QE11 but goes on quicker ground too
    Iridessa for me should be running over 10f more
    Star Catcher lightly raced enough to have a top season again
    Victor Ludorum would take the French prizes
    Logician Scratching my head a little why ahead of Japan in Arc betting but has potential
    Battaash very impressive at York, fast ground wonder horse
    Stradivarius Lost nothing in defeat on soft going
    Threat will win at Goodwood and all the other group 2 races for 3 y/o
    Siskin I’d like to see him run again before committing myself
    Quadrilateral should be popular so I’d need to wait on deciding to leave her in or out

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    hein bollowhein bollow
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    Thank you Graham, yes indeed Bavaria and Nordrhein-Westfalen where I live are the German hotspots for Corona, but so far the curve at least could be kept quite moderate.

    Yes I even bought the dvd of No Country.. to watch it in original language, I deliberately don’t say in English, as this Texan accent is quite special and really hard to follow..
    Thank you for your recommendation, I will give this one a try :bye:

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    My palms were sore after 8.00pm Jac, and I didn’t mind a bit as they so well deserved
    the appreciation of the country :good:

    A great Idea Nathan with the Ten To Follow, regardless as to whether it goes ahead or
    not. I’m still working my way around that one, it’s cutting them down that’s the problem :unsure:

    Cheers Hein, and I hope they manage to keep the lid on the virus, they seem to be doing
    better than the rest of the world at the moment. I’m pretty sure you will like Burn After
    Reading, it’s got so many bizarre characters, but great acting by a great cast :good:

    I’m going to throw another one in for all that have Netflix. I started watching Ozark
    tonight about 9.30pm. I thought we might watch a couple and then head to bed. It’s
    gripping stuff and I had to eventually turn the box off at 2 am after watching the
    1st 4 episodes, with a break for tea and a couple of my favourite Bahlsen chocky
    biscuits in the middle. I strongly recommend this one and from what I read series 2
    and 3 are equally as good.

    I better get some shut eye as a busy day ahead doing…..ehmm, ooh, hmmm :unsure:
    Stay safe all :good:

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    My eldest is watching Ozark at the moment Big G. Really enjoying it. Trying to save our local boxing club at the moment, been going 44 years and many of us have been involved from the outset. We have 55% of the money required so fingers crossed we can save the club and keep many kids on the straight and narrow when the country returns to normal.
    Save Me too is a very good series and season 2 is available to download on sky now. watch the first two episodes last night.

    Keep safe everyone, lets ride out this storm love nick xx :heart:

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    Great recommendations from Graham and will definitely hunt out Ozark tonight..I’m abit of a night owl like you Graham so might end up watching into the wee hours. :good:

    Nathan..very impressed with your list of horses to follow for the flat season when it kicks off..I’ll have mine by next week hopefully but like Graham having trouble sorting them out. :wacko: actually looking forward to a Grand National for the first time in a while as I know no horses will get injured…of course it has to be Bristol De Mai :heart: :heart: EW

    Great shout out for the NHS and all key workers last night🌈🌈..someone somewhere in the village even let off a few fireworks. Hope your daughter is keeping safe Nick (so nice to know your name) and that you can raise the extra funds you require to save your local boxing club, so important in this day and age..I thought Prince Harry was involved in a charity helping to get more kids off the streets and into clubs like yours before he legged it to California. :whistle:

    Hein I tried to find No Country… :heart: on Netflix but it’s not there so might order it from Amazon along with Graham’s reco Burn After Reading..will let you know and keep safe in your Town. :rose:

    Stay safe everyone and look forward to our continuing updates…Jac :heart: x

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
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    Evening Jac, thanks for asking about my daughter she is fine,I panicked a lot when I read Sheffield is one of the hotspots but typical of our brave NHS and frontline workers she just shrugged me off with, I like helping people.

    Again stay safe and hopefully when this is done we could all meet up on a race day and talk about what we watched. :wacko:

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    It’s helps to be able to talk about our worries for our families on here nick can’t thank all our key workers enough for their brave efforts in testing times. :heart:
    Son’s wife Helen told us last night that 2 of her patients had coronavirus and she had been to the local hospital to pass on their notes and visit them.
    She, like your daughter is full of enthusiasm for her work, where would we be without our brave keyworkers of all professions carrying on through this with the NHS going above and beyond to get us through this. :rose:

    Money raised for the Virtual National today going to NHS .. I’ve never bet on ‘the puppets’ as a friend of mine calls them but have done 4 today…no surprise to Graham who my first horse is and I can watch it all as it happens as I know they will all be fine. :good:

    Bristol De Mai :heart:
    Yala Enki
    Elegant Escape
    Vintage Clouds

    All each way.

    Are you having a dabble or anyone else here.?.. post your choices and let’s see who gets closest.
    Good luck
    :bye: Jac

    Great idea about the meet up. :good:

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
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    Morning all, it’s a strange feeling to wake up on National day without the
    buzz and expectancy of the big race, but these are strange times indeed.
    Strange enough to find me betting on a virtual race, and on my strangeometer
    that’s definately a 10 :wacko:

    However, as it’s for a good cause I’ll pitch in with a couple I would have fancied
    had we been in happier times and try to get into the spirit of the thing.

    Potters Corner 18/1 (£3.30 of which boosted to 20/1 by Paddy Power)
    I’ve long thought of him as a National type and put my money where my mouth
    was when I backed him at 40s (just before his 1st win at Chepstow) for the Welsh
    version which he conveniently won (SP 8/1). If the computer doesn’t think he
    would have fallen, and that’s a slight worry that they take his 2 falls last year,
    in the Somerset National and the Eider, when very much in contention in both
    late on, into account. In general he’s a decent enough jumper, but what the
    machine makes of it is anyone’s guess.

    Jury Duty 40/1 (£3.30 of which boosted to 45/1 by Paddy Power)

    A big fancy of mine last year who was badly hampered at the start but got back into
    the race and was travelling nicely when unseating at the 18th. That probably means
    that he’ll unseat again at the 18th, but hey-ho :scratch:

    MrsG has had a stab at Sub Lieutenant 33/1 because…..because…..because …. :unsure:
    Which means he’ll probably romp in

    I didn’t need to ask who you would be risking your cash on Jac, and for once you can
    come out from behind the couch to see BDM run. Your daughter in law Helen and Nick’s
    daughter show the type of spirit that will get us through this, I don’t think anyone will
    take the NHS for granted again.

    Nick, apart from being an Angel, your daughter has great taste in TV series, Ozark looks
    like being one of the best of the year. I hope you manage to get the other 45% raised for
    the boxing club Nick, has a crowdfunding site been raised, I would have thought that is
    the time of project which would be well supported. Let me know if there is one.

    Best of luck anyone having a go today, hopefully some of us can have an unexpected windfall,
    but it’s a win win situation as the more we lose the more the NHS wins, so I’ll be
    happy whatever the result is.

    Stay safe all :good:

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    Just about to go and I’ve had a last minute punt on Burrows saint.
    good luck all :good:

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    Brilliant Graham 1st and 5th :yahoo: you have to be over the moon with that result and thanks for all the kind words..I think they should go forward and make the Grand National a permanent fundraiser for our NHS.. :good:

    Going to watch Ozark tonight with hubs…hoping he likes it as he’s not a Series fanatic like me more into Dad’s Army :wacko: will report back.. ;-) Jac

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
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