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    btw my daughter messaged me last night and said colleagues and her were moved and really touched by the clapping and loved showed last night and would like to thank you all for the support

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    Hein ..your dad sounds amazing and very young at heart..look after them both. :heart:
    All that fitness is paying dividends for you now Hein and thanks to Graham I will now think of you as Hein ‘bellows’…you could probably blow that boat down the river Hein. ;-)

    Graham .. as Hein says you do have a way of getting straight to the point of the matter and in a very kind and caring way.
    So pleased to hear that you and Marjorie are being so well cared for and that your son in London is recovering from the Virus especially as we have just heard that Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock have both tested positive today but thankfully with mild symptoms. Your other son sounds as superfit as Hein and you must be looking forward to seeing him again in March even though at the moment we are all talking with our families via social media in one way or another.

    I’m managing to walk about 2 miles a day at the moment, although only 50 miles out of London everyone seems to be obeying the lockdown and we are lucky enough to have a big garden to go out in and country lanes to wander.

    Nw last night was amazing with everyone clapping and although down our lane the houses are set apart we still managed to make a noise.👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
    So pleased to hear that your lovely daughter felt all the love last night and my lovely daughter-in-law too..

    Nathan stay safe and well with Alex and let’ s hope with everyone following Gov.advice we can soon see this virus off.

    Keep posting updates on what we should be watching or reading although same as Graham I have a huge ‘wee list’ to plough through now..keep me out of mischief. ;-)
    Take care everyone..Jac :heart: x

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
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    That’s a very kind invitation Hein, maybe I’ll stick it on my “bucket list”. I’ve never been
    to Germany, although I could see it from my hotel window when I was over in Nijmegen when
    needed for a trial in the Hague in the Netherlands many years back. I think that’s about 150
    kilometers over the border from your neck of the wood at Harkortsee. We were moved around quite
    a bit, that was the 3rd hotel we had stayed at and God knows what brainbox gaffer had selected
    it as it meant about the best part of a 2 hour journey in a minibus to the courthouse each morning
    and the same back again :wacko: From what I can see, Harkortsee looka a very picturesque place
    and a nice part of the world to live Hein :good:

    Nwalton it is good to know that your daughter could see and hear the esteem she and all her
    colleagues are held in. I can’t praise them highly enough, we are in a mess now, God knows what
    state we would be in without them :unsure:

    Jac, Hein Bellows, how did I not see that coming :yahoo: I really had a right hoot at that. I’m
    sorry Hein, but your stuck with it now my friend :yes: Thanks Jac for your good wishes for my
    boys, it’s hard not to worry, but they are doing well. That’s great you are able to get out and
    have your walks each day in the leafy lanes down your way to meander along. I think getting out
    in the country helps clear your head, I’m lucky in that respect with many nice walks within a
    stone’s throw.

    Not the best news today that the virus seems to be gathering momentum, it’s worrying to say the
    least. We all need to take every precaution that we can to keep one step ahead. Please stay safe
    everyone :good:

    Nathan HughesNathan Hughes
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    I love that about your Father, Hein
    I’m like that with my Son. He had to learn the reality of life from an early age having lost his Mum and has always been mature and wiser than his age which isn’t a bad thing. I’m a bit like Peter Pan in a way and he is always telling me off for messing about. I’ve been sent to my room a couple of times this week whilst he has been doing his school work… :rose:

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    Lol Nathan…reminds me of that film Cocoon..will have to sort that one out on Netflix. :good:
    Keep posting..🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈 Jac

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
    hein bollowhein bollow
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    Thank you so much, my big and favourite three :bye: :heart:
    Very nice writeups from all of you :good:

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    Just a quick update on our watching/reading pattern. Euro, we’re halfway through the
    Locke And Key series, very obviously aimed at family watching but that doesn’t detract
    from it being an interesting concept and we are so far enjoying it :good:

    Jac, MrsG has raced through the 1st book, Dead Simple, and she’s onto the 2nd, Looking
    Good Dead. She says to pass on her thanks, she really liked the storyline and the unexpected
    twists and turns that it takes. It’s definitely right up her street and it’s good that she has
    a long list in the series to wade through. It will help to pass the time whilst we’re trying to
    sit out this virus at home :good:

    I hope all are well and keeping safe. We musn’t get complacent, this looks like a long haul
    ahead of us. Keep in touch :good:

    hein bollowhein bollow
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    By the way dear folks, the best movie by the Coen brothers is undoubtedly “no country for old men”. Just to name the state of Texas like that can only come from such geniusses, and contentswise, what Mr Bardem does here as this massive psycho killer is second to none :good:

    hein bollowhein bollow
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    But of course this one is nothing for sensitive souls, as it is packed with breathtaking, very brutal scenes full of desperate violence :-(
    But well, that’s what American culture is all about :yes:

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    Hi Graham, Hein, Nathan, nw and all :bye: :bye: :bye: :bye:
    Great to hear that Mrs G is enjoying reading the Roy Grace mysteries Graham and has already finished the first one Dead Simple and is onto Looking Good Dead :good: Don’t forget the ghost stories that Peter James also writes, I have read two or three but they do go down the occult route… for example if you have seen Rosemary’s Baby you will know where that leads. However The House on Cold Hill is really creepy a real classic Ghost Story and The Secret of Cold Hill is the sequel. :good:

    Hein I will give No Country For Old Men a look if I can find it on Netflix and thanks for that recommendation. Hope you and your family are keeping well. Very impressed with the way Germany are leading the fight against Coronavirus a lesson to all of us at the moment. :heart:

    Just finished watching The Stranger last night on Netflix, don’t know how I missed it when it was streaming on ITV but would recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen it. Homeland will be winding up soon with the last series going out..I have enjoyed that and for anyone who enjoyed 24 with Keifer Sutherland years back would recommend Designated Survivor also on Netflix (it’s been going for a few years now) I think there are a few seasons to watch.

    Been having some facetime late night chats over hot chocolate and chocolate digestives (plain chocolate of course) with my daughter, when the men have gone to bed. as we are missing our weekly meet up at The Muffin Break in town and it’s very therapeutic. :heart:

    My computer is running incredibly slow at the moment, it’s taken me 30 minutes to get this posted :wacko: I think some providers might be limiting usage, is anyone else having similar problems and apologies if I’m not able to reply as quickly as usual.

    Keep the updates coming (if you can) and stay safe everyone. :heart: Jac

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
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    Sounds like we all have plenty to read & watch and are able to get out in the air so that’s great news. I can’t imagine how awful it must be to be trapped in a garden/balconyless flat in a city.

    Meanwhile, some encouraging (though not, if I am 100% honest, very convincing news) about racing. Interesting to note that all races will have 5 or 6 day entries, even the Guineas (should they take place)

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    I hope we are all safe and well, I know its a racing forum but the BBOC has canceled all shows(boxing) in UK until at least the end of May. :negative: Big decision but the right decision imo as there were two PPV events in May

    hein bollowhein bollow
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    Thank you Jac, yes we are well fortunately, and I wish the same to you, yours and the whole gang here :bye:
    Yes, so far our politicians do quite a good job surprisingly, but experts warn about the situation to probably escalate..

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    I’m glad that Germany seems to be handling the situation well Hein, my boy (I say boy, he’s 37)
    is in Munich. I didn’t realise but I read today that the virus was first Identified in Germany
    in the state of Bavaria, and they rightly are in total lockdown at the moment. I keep in touch
    daily and thankfully he is well. I’ve already seen No Country For Old Men, and I agree it is an
    excellent film. I’ve seen and dealt with enough scary men in my time, but Javier Bardem made my
    blood run cold. He has all the traits of a proper psychopath, completely cold with no empathy or
    remorse. It’s a bit like those old monster films, frankenstein etc, where the monster is lumbering
    behind you and no matter how fast you run, when you look over your shoulder he’s right behind you.
    If you’re a Coen Brothers fan Hein, if you haven’t watched Burn After Reading, I’d recommend it.
    It’s not quite so brutal, although it has it’s moments, it’s a serious drama, but also hysterically
    funny at times.

    Thanks again Jac, we’ve earmarked The House On Cold Hill and the sequal as two to get round to.
    We also liked The Stranger and particularly Designated Survivor, I think the 1st series was perhaps
    my favourite, but we’ve watched all 3 and they are all very worth the watch :good:
    You must have kept those chocolate digestives well hidden Jac, til your hubby headed off to bed. I
    was going to give you a ticking off, but as it’s your daughter and the two of you are missing out
    on your weekly get together chit chats, I’ll let you off :rose:

    Good to hear from you Tonge and I agree, I think it sounds like we are all have decent outdoors in
    our own backyards. Like you I am sceptical of racing going ahead any time soon, and I would be surprised
    if by 2000 Guineas time a full programme was up and running. I hope you and your family are all keeping
    well :good:

    nwalton, I think we can write off just about all sports being broadcast for the foreseeable future.
    I wrote a bit in the horse racing section, although the post was about sports TV subscriptions, that
    unless you wanted to watch countless repeats, or netball from Uzbekistan, then you should pause your
    subsciption. I’ve got Sky Sports and you can go online and pause your subscription. Someone thought
    Skysports did this automatically, but they definitely do not. When you do click to pause you have to
    clcik on the terms and conditions and they inform you they will halt your subscription from Today’s
    . They also inform you that they will automatically restart your subscription when sport
    is back up and running. So if anyone has a subscription I’d set about pausing or stopping it to save
    paying for a service with no live UK/European sport.

    As always, stay safe and take care :good:

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    Thanks for that BigG my skysports subs now on pause.

    hope everyone is well and staying safe :heart:

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