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    GT – playing Devil’s advocate here – you don’t necessarily need to be looking for ‘value’ as such to find it. There are different routes to profit than to ‘chase’ value I think is David’s point(although David, if you’re looking in feel free to mail me your own response to GT’s thoughts – and I accept that GT if you are making a profit you are finding value somewhere along the line, whether you are consciously seeking it out in those terms or not).

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    My thanks to Mark and David for taking the time to answer my (and the other posters) questions. Some interesting replies and generated some good debate on the HR board.

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    I find the answers given to some excellent questions a little perplexing. Anyone setting out to make a profit over time without taking cognisance of betting at value prices is doomed to failure. Further,any service achieving initial success will inevitably spark a snowball effect which will reduce prices to below what is value long term. The fact that neither partner has succeeded at betting for a living before further undermines confidence in the venture. I wish them luck but they may find that reality and theory are two different animals.

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    Exactly Carvills,

    Put far more eloquently than I tried to in the HR section.

    value is everything
    Mr. PilsenMr. Pilsen
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    Any update on this?

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    Any update on this?

    Closed down as soon as it started. Jokers.


Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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