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    Spent a largely pleasant evening last night looking at the first 30 pages (450 topics approximately) in the Lounge. I’m not a prolific poster but I came across a few of mine that a) I can’t remember and b) I have no idea what I was going on about. It’s no wonder I couldn’t grasp the majority of what Gamble was on about if I can’t understand some of my own. Brought back some funny memories all the same

    Nathan Hughes
    Nathan Hughes
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    What about this classic from aaronizneez posted December 16, 2013 at 17:03

    Hark The Racing Forum sing
    A winner for The Ante Post King
    Rejoice for they are very rare
    Just like Steeplechasing’s hair
    Gingertipster seeks an edge
    Value value is his pledge
    Trainer, Jockey, ground and pace
    Factors for him in every race
    Healthy profits he hopes to yield
    Betting every runner in the field

    Some great posts all have read
    Betlarge hits the nail on head
    Steve throws caution to the wind
    Matron moderately rescinds
    Bob Rolf clearly in his pomp
    Runs the best horse racing comp
    Stilvi likes to stir a nest
    Rob Norths notes are just the best
    Miss Woodforde has the US line
    VTC the Midnight sign

    In the Lounge it’s interesting times
    Poles apart Jbale and Grimes
    NDE’s and birth of man
    God’s own hand or a big bang
    Nathan’s popping in and out
    Drone is always worth a shout
    Moehat likes TV and tunes
    Quiz is 50 get the balloons
    Music lovers are leading the way
    Over a hundred as of today

    Bleak Service returned with a crash
    Gamble entered with Poirots ‘tache
    Ian Davies cried “It’s me”
    “Welcome back” cried Mr P
    Ricky countered “you’re a clone”
    Even after a chat on the phone
    Gamble joined the doubting queue
    Up until a final clue
    A call changed his firm belief
    It was the return of the chief

    Sorry to those I’ll not mention
    A few more for your attention
    Himself, Triptych and also Wit
    Boz and Yeats they post a bit
    Mr Grayson, THM too
    Andyod has his point of view
    Cormack winds the TRF clock
    Apracing and Prufrock
    To all of you I raise a beer
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Don't Eat The Pie and Don't Buy The S*n
    Nathan Hughes
    Nathan Hughes
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    This is another belter from aaronizneez posted September 19, 2011 at 17:57 (I think a re-make is in order)

    And here we are two minutes to the off of the TRF stakes for 2 year olds and upwards. A total of 11 runners line up and in racecard order here they are

    Number 1 is Pocket Talk an unruly 2 year old trained by S.Tilvi with promising apprentice R.Rock given the leg up

    Number 2 is Pompous a beautifully bred 4 year old trained and ridden by P.Inza

    Number 3 is Forum Speed a 3 year old who is best off a slow pace in heavy going trained and ridden by C.Ormack

    Number 4 is We’re All Doomed a 10 year old who has seen better times trained by R.Lake and due to be ridden by E.Case

    Number 5 is Is Anyone There an 8 year old looking to recapture some old form, trained by M.Pilsen and ridden for the first time in a while by G.Amble

    Number 6 is Reasoned Debate One an uncomplicated 6 year old who usually runs his race trained by D.Rone with G.Column in the plate

    Number 7 is Reasoned Debate Two another uncomplicated 6 year old who usually runs his race trained by C.Rampante and ridden by R.North

    Number 8 is Gone Missing a 9 year old who has been off the track for some time trained by G.Hopper and ridden by JTS Jim

    Number 9 is Sand Pit Lover a 5 year old who until recently was running in 16 runner handicaps at Kempton trained and ridden by G.Lenn

    Number 10 is Persona Non Grata a five year old trained by F.O’Fury who has now been declared a non runner as his trainer has been warned off

    And finally Number 11 is I’ll Fetch My Coat a 4 year old lurking at the bottom of the weights without the usual tongue tie trained by A.Izneez and ridden by A.Nonymous

    They’re behind the stalls now and the big punt on Pocket Talk is still continuing. They seem to be having trouble loading Forum Speed and the handlers are giving him one final chance, but no he won’t have it, we’re down to 9 runners. Just a couple to go in but We’re All Doomed wants nothing to do with this and Sand Pit Lover has been withdrawn. Just the seven it is then and THEY’RE OFF!

    In to an early lead goes Reasoned Debate One closely followed by Reasoned Debate Two, matching strides in third and fourth are Is Anyone There and Gone Missing, Pocket Talk and Pompous come next and bringing up the rear is I’ll fetch My Coat. Going past half way and there is little change in the order although the pace seems to be quickening. Two furlongs out and Reasoned Debate One and Reasoned Debate Two are being hard ridden with Pocket Talk and Pompous making their moves, Is Anyone There looking one paced, I’ll Fetch My Coat still with a chance out wide and Gone Missing beginning to tail off. Into the last furlong and Pocket Talk and Pompous have swept through to take it up with I’ll Fetch My Coat still staying on in third, the rest weakening out of it. Fifty yards to go and there’s a bit of a barging match up front between Pocket Talk and Pompous and this lets I’ll Fetch My Coat flash by and take it by a length

    Goodnight to you all

    Don't Eat The Pie and Don't Buy The S*n
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    A lot of names that no longer post on those two Nathan

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