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    John, your trying to say that his jumping is inherently flawed. What i’m saying is that yes he will make mistakes granted but fundamentally he is an excellent jumper which is different to what your saying and not contradictory.

    Your argument is that you’ll oppose him because he might make a mistake.. Which is just plain daft.

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    ……..and, as we’ve seen before, he’s no certainty to get beat, even if he does fall.:biggrin:

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    It is interesting we are debating the flaws of a red hot cert. Unintentionally we maybe disguising the fact the 2006 KG field is rather weak!<br> There is some serious NH jumpers out there that are FIT but not taking part???<br> The going is expected to suit all types, the course is very easy and the trip at this course appears to be well in the compass of 2m to 3.5m why ain’t there more than 12 chasing this excellent prize money ??

    If a horse is fit and well it should be racing..not sitting in a heated stable munching on designer food!



Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)
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