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    madman marz
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    Here is part of a statement from the a/m, in the RP.

    "Mr Parvisi who owns Mia’s Boy and a couple of other horses with PC Hyam, is one of my closest friends, so why would I be laying one of his horses ? ( all the more reason to). I have been racing twice in the last 18 months, both to see Mia’s Boy run, and why would I be involved in seeing it get beat (eh, why not ?). I spoke to Peter in the morning and he told me the horse was an absoluete certainty, and I was in the paddock and gave the jockey the instructions to get a good position, to take pitch, and not on any circumstances come up the rail, and he will never ride for ( US ) again.<br>Somebody has pulled a stroke, but it definitely wasn’t me."

    Us ?? the operative word here. So he must own a share in the horse, but he said earlier that Mr. Parvisi was the horses owner, and yet he was the one giving riding instructions.


    By the way for anyone who doesn’t already know Karl Limbert was a gambling assosiate of the now disgraced John Mc Cracken. Make your own conclusions, but as I have already said on a previous thread regarding Mia’s Boy, "it stank"

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    The phrase "methinks he doth protest too much" comes to mind!

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    now, now – Mr Limbert apparently also is, or has recently been, a bookmaker – ergo a fit and proper person: … =clnk&cd=2


    Wild man Karl Limbert would punt a raindrop’s course down a window pane. He’s an English bookie. Gambling is his life. ……

    I’m still waiting to see what four cards Karl Limbert doesn’t like. He’s unconventional to say the least. Maybe that’s why he wins, it’s impossible to put him on a hand. This was Karl’s second Final Table of this year’s WPO. Three handed it started fairly even, but Karl was about to change that by going our in 3rd. He fought valiantly for 26 hands against two terrific Pot Limit Omaha players. When he picked up a real hand, Karl was in trouble. Limbert shipped all 24,500 with A K 7 7. Mads Andersen called with A Q 10 9 and Mads flopped the nuts, K J 9.

    Ever the punter, Limbert came back after being paid and ……when his horse, Andersen, took a 2-1 chip lead a little later, an obviously relieved Karl Limbert took his $10,000 back without a penalty. You might want to find this guy’s betting shop.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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