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    My systems never work I’m hopeless but I have found a way of increasing profits by decreasing losses.

    I bet mostly on Betfair and recently started using a FREE bot called The Geeks Toy.

    The speed prices change at on this thing is amazing. For some reason it relays information much faster than the Betfair site does most likely because it’s using a differnet server than your local one.

    It’s mainly for trading but where I find it a major asset is laying beaten horses you have backed.

    Yesterday I backed one of David Pipes horses which lost I had 200 quid on it. It looked to be going like the winner for a while but then the warning signs started.

    I immediately clicked the lay button, no need to calculate the Geek does it for you,and I saved 145 quid of my 200 losing bet.

    I’ve got it wrong a couple of times and laid winning bets but still made a decent profit.

    Overall my profit margin is about 30% higher than it was before I started using it.

    Anyone else use it or have similar bots I can look at?

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    I tried it once, but to be honest it frightened me as my brain could not keep up with it!

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    There a few around.

    The Geek’s is totally free though.

    Betting Assistant is 6.00 GPB per month – but, do they give a free 30 day free trial to new users.

    BetAngel is excellent and has every option you would require but,expensive.

    I would stick with the "Toy" for the time being and check out training videos on "YouTube".

    You never know you might prefer becoming a "trader" rather than a "backer"!


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    I’ve done a little bit of trading but can’t get my head around it.
    I agree it is a bit scary but you get used to it. There is a training mode which you can play a round in and it gives you the opportunity to make mistakes and learn from them.

    Trading does scare me as everything happens so fast in running. Certain horses trained by certain trainers have it written all over them and you just know they are going to be backed and I have greened out a couple of times before the race is even off and made a small profit. It takes patience but eventually nearly every fancied horse hits a silly price and ends up much shorter in the final minutes of trading before the race.

    I will say though, you need an account with a good few grand to make it worth while as the profits on doing that are usually very small.

    It saved my bacon yet again today as I had backed Oscar Whisky quite heavily who at one point I thought was home and hosed.

    Even when he looked beaten I still managed to green out and win 122.33p whereas without the bot I’d probably have lost that plus my original stake which would have taken away all the profit I had made up to that point.

    Thanks for those names and the advice I will check them out after posting

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    Was only a matter of time before I regretted clicking my mouse.

    100 win Palace jester 18. I greened out just after a couple of fences. Of course he went on to win by a long margin and I won the grand total of won 34.75p instead if 1,700 :( :( :(

    When my friend said you have to take the rough with the smooth he was being no Palace Jester :lol:

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