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    Venture to CognacVenture to Cognac
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    Purwell, the quote function was disabled, because it was getting out of hand.

    Threads were getting ruined by long, sometimes very long quotes, which featured well over 100 lines of text, all for a one line reply. There were numerous occasions where a thread was started, and the second post replying to the opening post, had the full opening post “quoted”, absolutely crazy. It was clear that people weren’t “quoting”, rather just “repeating every word” of a previous post.

    The practice of quoting the preceding post was getting way getting way out of hand, and the site was a bloody mess.

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    Makes sense

    phil walkerphil walker
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    My thoughts on ITV’s coverage:

    Francesca Cumani: looks so out of place and uncomfortable, should just keep her for flat racing

    Bryony Frost: She may be a good jockey but boy is she dull with a very boring voice

    Tony McCoy: He’s never going to be a natural in front of the camera, looks like he would rather be anywhere else

    Richard Hoiles: overused commentator, almost every other day I hear him calling at courses up and down the country. Much prefer the commentators on track Alan Howes and Stewart Machin. Would be happier if ITV employed Gareth Topham.

    Camera work: I’m getting a headache from the number of times they change camera angles, I wish they would just keep it simple.

    Chris someone: haven’t a clue who he is or what he’s doing, is he just eye candy for the viewers?

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    Why is “Chezka” wearing a dressing gown?

    ....and you've got to look a long way back for anything else.

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    Apparently Chris was on a “popular” tv show, but don’t know what he is or who he’s doing either. ;-)

    ....and you've got to look a long way back for anything else.

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    Chamberlin, McCoy, Harvey and Plunkett can stay. The rest should all be put out of their misery- absolutely woeful.

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    I’d rather watch old races on youtube these days, thanks to many uploaders but especially espmadrid’s brilliant channel!

    My God the non stop shouting on ITV. The non stop searching-for-heart-wrenching “stories”. The banality of it all. Says a lot when Luke Harvey is one of the better presenters.

    As we’re advised, when the fun stops it’s time to stop. I’ll (maybe) watch the Grand National tomorrow and call it day.

    He Didnt Like Ground
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    Fitzgerald ok apart from his continuing tipping of Henderson horses , agree with the camera work ….oh and they better play the champions theme ….let’s face it BBC did the national better …where are u des lynam when we need u most

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    Matt Chapman is supposedly the betting expert.
    “No point backing a 50/1 shot if it isn’t going to win it”. :scratch:

    value is everything
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    A lot wrong with it but even with my technologically deficient equipment I have pause, fast forward, rewind – enough to edit it most of it. Best of all, no Clare Balding filling the screen. Thanks ITV.

    Venture to CognacVenture to Cognac
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    I see that they’re sticking with that ridiculous camera at Valentines.

    We shouldn’t have to put up with this, and I can’t think of another sport where they deliberately use a camera angle that stops you from seeing what’s happening.

    Perfect time for my now yearly “they wouldn’t show The FA Cup Final with a camera attached to the corner flag” comment.

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    I’ve enjoyed the ITV coverage from Aintree and jockey Bryony Frost seems to have done a good job as a guest, radiating the eloquent enthusiasm for which she has been praised.

    Luke Harvey always seems an annoying weak link to me, despite being a supposed character. Ed Chamberlin has certainly grown into the role but the toothy and oddly dressed Francesca Cumani seems strangely vacuous.

    For the first time, as an experiment, I watched the TV pictures but listened to the BBC 5 Live commentary and was very impressed with the team of John Hunt, Martin Harris, Darren Owen and Gary O’Brien.

    Hunt did an excellent job on the emotional Tiger Roll finish. So much better than ITV’s lead commentator Richard Hoiles.

    The course commentary team of David Fitzgerald, Alan Howes and Stewart Machin have also had a good week.

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    Bryony Frost seems to very easily find a comment for every question or situation but I’m afraid it comes across as annoying motor mouthed bland waffle ….trying too hard and a little bit over confident especially given her level of experience.

    Spotting McCoy looking annoyed or bored stiff every time Cumani and latterly Frost start wittering on is becoming a quite entertaining sideshow.

    Sexist me? I hope not because Fitzgerald is well up there with the worst of mouth openers who actually don’t say very much.

    St Gatien
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    I think it’s a little better
    Luke always appears genuine and
    good fun, he knows just about
    all the connections in the
    paddock and they appear happy
    to have a word.
    A.P. well it’s not his thing but
    turns up for the cash.

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    First time I’ve watched ITV for a bit and have to say Luke Harvey was excellent.


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