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It’s just a bit of snow…

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    Southwell’s on, Taunton’s on, but if you listen to the Beeb you shouldn’t venture out to the newsagent’s unless you have thermals, a spade, seven flasks of coffee, a tent, some flares, a compass, a couple of huskies and some means of satellite tracking.

    **** me stone dead – when I was a lad, days like this occurred five times every week for six months of the year and my parents forced me out to play with lumps of coal dressed in just a tee shirt.  Never did me any harm.

    Mind, I am now borderline psychotic.:cool:


    Maxilon 5Maxilon 5
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    LOL:biggrin: :biggrin:

    Racing Daily
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    It looks like you have put on some weight too :biggrin:

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    Winter padding :biggrin:

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    Quote: from betlarge on 11:14 am on Feb. 8, 2007[br]some flares<br>

    get with it: ‘boot cut’

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    I can’t believe places were caught out this time. The weather people had warned us it was coming all week and yet major roads, airports and rail lines were all still left looking unprepared!

    Weather warnings across the country just because of a few inches of snow…………

    They have feet of snow other places in the world and they are very rarely prepared for it because of the diverse weather other countries have but they don’t grind to a halt………..

    Andrew HughesAndrew Hughes
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    Four hours to travel 16 miles this evening, abandoned my car in the end and walked. Can’t blame the weathermen or the council, just the fact that there are too many people driving too many cars so as soon as there is anything that slows or disrupts the flow, gridlock ensues.

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