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    If we had a pound for every time a pundit/apologist came out with this after a fancied horse got beat we would all be rich. Are we saying it was such a tricky ride it was impossible to win with? Desert Orchid was pretty tricky but it didn’t stop him winning a few races. I watched Ryan Moore on Strictly yesterday and yes she didn’t look straightforward but was that the reason she was beaten rather than Moore spending too long running up a blind alley? Isn’t that what is supposed to separate the top jockeys from the rest – winning on the difficult ones. Moore repeated the tactic on King Of Wands in the last but fortunately for the rider that horse had a ton in hand.

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    Horses are like cars with faulty brakes and wonky steering, and worse than that they have a mind of their own. It isn’t simply a case of point in the right direction and push the start button……

    Desert Orchid may have been a ‘tricky ride’ but the ace his connections held was that he had stacks of ability and apparently enjoyed the attention that came with success.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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