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    <br>Do you fancy yourself as the tipping equivalent of Chelsea FC? Now is the time to find out if you are in fact the tipping equivalent of Mourinho, Ferguson or Wenger by entering TRF’s brand new tipping competition the ‘ Tipping Premiership’.

    Here’s how it works –

    In a format shamelessly borrowed from the F.A. contestants will be allocated into three divisions of ten players per division, a Premier League, a Championship and a First Division.

    There will then be a series of head to heads every Saturday with each player in the league taking on one of the other players until everyone has played everyone.

    Each Saturday entrants will select five horses from the day’s card. Each ‘game’ will be decided simply by whoever makes best level stakes profit (or loses least) on the day. The winner of each tie will be awarded three points with players getting one point each in the event of a draw. (Following it so far? Good!).

    At the end of the season the player with the most points will win their League with the Premier Champions receiving a trophy as well as a cash prize generously donated by who are kindly sponsoring the competition. In the event that the title is shared, the player with the best cumulative LSP will be declared champion.

    Winners of the other divisions will also win a cash prize as will the runners up in each division. The top two from each league will also be promoted for the next ‘season’. Bottom two in each league will be relegated with the bottom two in the lowest league dropping out to make way for two new contestants.

    Cash prizes will be allocated as follows –

    Premier League Champions – 60.00 <br>Premier League Runners up – 20.00

    The Championship Champions – 35.00<br>The Championship runners up – 10.00

    Division 1 Champions – 20.00<br>Division 1 runners up – 5.00

    For the first ‘season’ league places will be allocated on the basis of a ‘pre-season training camp’ during which all competitors will select five horses each Saturday for three weeks with the cumulative level stakes profit/loss determining the division you end up in (the ten best will be in the Premier League and so on). Only the top thirty players will be able to join the league but an additional two players will replace the bottom two in the First Division every season.<br> <br>Thanks to the generosity of our sponsor,, entry is free. The competition gets under way next Saturday, 8th October and will run for twelve weeks, inclusive of the three week ‘pre-season training camp’.

    So, if you’d like to see precisely where you figure among TRF’s tipsters and to have a chance of becoming the initial ‘ Tipping Premier League’ champions please enter by simply posting below prior to next Saturday.

    A few words now about the company sponsoring the event –

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