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If Yeats wins the Gold Cup

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    Will it be AOB Greatest achievement to date.

    I struggle to find a horse that has captured the hearts of Racing followers more than Yeats. To get a 8yr old stallion to win a race such as this 4 times in the row would be a achievement that i struggle to find matched over his career.

    The sheer gravity of training a stayer that hasnt yet have had the snip is one of the rarest feats in the game.

    Nevermind the fact that he is a great Character aswell and has his own mind on the game.

    Do we even think he will make the big day?

    And what are your favorite Yeats Races/Moments?

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    I saw Yeats up-close and personal at the Sandown quarantine facility when he was preparing for the Melbourne Cup.

    Strangely, outside of the media and photographers, I was the only civilian who ventured out to see him, and soon enough was escorted out of the track by security.

    When I saw Yeats being walked by his Japanese handler, I was in awe of this beautiful stallion. Afterwards I described his coat like: "The coat singed off his back."

    I was certain no horse in that year’s Melbourne Cup would come within an athletics track of him. Of course, when I waited for him to arrive at the track on raceday, he was frothing up at the mouth and chomping away, so the signs weren’t good.

    If the race was less focused on speed, who knows? Even horses like Septimus had more dash but were still inadequately capable of winning the Melbourne Cup.

    Something tells me Profound Beauty will go mighty close this year.

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    My favorite Yeats moments were when he ran away with the Ballysax (that was when I became a big fan), when he won the coronation cup and when he won his first gold cup.

    Least favorite yeats moment was when he was chinned in his first irish leger. My biggest single loss on a horse to date, couldnt see him being beaten there at all, but it was only winnings I had on him at the time so didnt miss it, c’est la vie. Havent backed him at a short price since, but backed him in the coronation and his first gold cup to routine stakes and those days made up for that irish leger (not financially). A horse I usually take on, but dont mind getting beaten by these days.

    A very likeable horse, I hope he does it…

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    Yeats has to be up there with the Gold Cup greats such as Ardross and Sagaro, if not better.

    That said, I won’t be backing him this year, as I have done on previous occasions.Sadly, I think he’s had his day.

    For me, Patkai will be the the one to beat at Royal Ascot.

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    I have to agree with Himself

    My heart says I would dearly love to see him win the race.

    However my head says he seems to be past his best and although that may have been OK in some years, I think this years contest will be a strong renewal and Patki has been far more impressive.

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