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    “the dark world of direct messages”

    Isn’t that what we would call communication?

    Avatar photoRefuse To Bend
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    Depends what is being communicated to you.

    "Life is timeless, days are long when you're young"

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    This is beginning to sound like an obituary for him, if a blocked person can still read the forum I would imagine he will be loving some of these posts.

    But come on there must be somebody out there, apart from I believe cormack15, who did not like him. To disappoint you though I am one of them. Anybody who likes point to point racing cannot be that bad.

    I did though find some of his comments annoying and sometimes slightly condescending.

    I particularly found repeated mentions on the ‘ITV racing’ topic that he uses the mute button over the top. Reading it 5 times was enough. Also his comment on cormack15s topic ‘Cheltenham – your one change and one change only’ was uncalled for.

    Like Gingertipster says I am sure it is not the first time it has happened.

    Off topic what has happened to steeplechaser?

    Avatar photoEx RubyLight
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    Off topic what has happened to steeplechaser?

    Yep, him and Bachelor’s Hall are the two ones I miss a bit.

    Avatar photoTonge
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    Steeplechaser pops up from time to time and is active on Twitter. Surprised not to hear from him during Cheltenham though.

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    As more of a reader of this forum than a regular contributor I am shocked to hear he has been banned .It seems to me that he was able to take it as well as dish it out and was always prepared to praise where merited . e g the memes pages . I havent read anything on here to justify a ban and hope it is only temperary .

    Avatar photocormack15
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    I see the speculation and feel a short explanation is reasonable given Davies’ prominence on the forum over the years and the head-scratching over events.

    I won’t be commenting on his character as he has no means to reply so it would be unfair. What I am willing to do is draw attention to the speculation by GT that there may have been an offline exchange that “May have been impossible to ignore”.
    I’m not sure if he was ever banned before, I certainly have never banned him in my time as a moderator, but the ban will be permanent.

    This forum is run by volunteers. It takes considerable time, effort, sometimes money and, at other times, worry to keep it running. I am indebted to the other moderators who willingly give up significant amounts of their time and on occasions patience to keep it all running smoothy on the surface while sometimes paddling underwater.

    In short, for myself and the other moderators, it is largely a labour of love.

    What I ask of forum members/contributors, in light of that, is that they respect the forum, other forum members and also those who run it, including myself – even if they disagree (or even disagree strongly) with them.

    I’m not going to enter a debate on this topic and won’t be making any further comment. I’ll leave this thread up until the morning so that people can read this post and will then delete it as I don’t think it serves any purpose other than to allow things to fester.

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    Well, thanks for the clarification cormack. At least, I can stop the speculations.

    Too bad it had to end that way…..

    Avatar photoTonge
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    Yes, thanks Cormack. It’s a thankless task but your work is appreciated.

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    He was no more annoying than anybody else. Nonsense if he’s banned. If you don’t like what he says ignore it. Haste ye back young man. Maybe his tiff with admin will be just that.

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    Thank you for acknowledging the comments cormack15. I know how much time and effort being an admin is, and your efforts are very much appreciated.

    It’s a great shame that relations have broken down to this degree. If Ian happens to read this thread before it gets deleted, I would like to say I wish him well.

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    This might be because he was going to win Poster of the Year.

    Very sad if blocked. A great contributor to the forum.

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    Thanks for the explanation.

    I will say that I think deleting the thread entirely is unfair. I and others have had kind words to say about him and there should be somewhere for that in my opinion but I realise it’s not up to me. He may be reading this, he may not. We’ll never know.

    I can only comment on my personal interactions with him which have been nothing but cordial.

    Peace and love all :rose:

    Avatar photoDrone
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    It was only a matter of time…

    Old wounds not healed or perhaps just reopened

    Ian Davies himself wrote that he was surprised that Cormack et al permitted this latest return after what went on many moons ago

    Anyway, I’ve enjoyed Ian’s contributions over the last twenty years or so, as I have those of many others

    ’tis only a message board

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    I wish ID well too and will miss chatting with him on this forum.

    It is very unfortunate he has been banned. In my opinion, he did not provoke the argument that caused this situation. Maybe he over-reacted and was wrong to continue the argument into Monday. I don’t know if anything was said offline. But it is a pity it has ended this way.

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    I think you make a fair point there Richard. I’m not sure leaving the thread up does any harm – it will drop down the page soon enough.

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    I’m out at the moment but have received a message from Ian.
    He can read the comments
    I won’t post on here what he has messaged me but will happily copy and paste it to private messages

    Blackbeard to conquer the World

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