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    Just a general question really , i was wondering if anyone on here has ever used a i pad tablet on a race course to bet with ( ie b/f & b/d ) .
    Im just wondering if you can notice a difference in the speed prices are taken on the exchanges . With ATR televising with a 6 second delay , do you actually have a six second head start if your on course actually watching it live ( thats proper live ) . It may sound like a stupid question as lots of people have quicker access to tv pics , but is there a noticable difference if your actually there . In theory if your on course watching the race then look at your i pad you should be able to take a price before at 75% of the punters watching from there homes .
    So before i pack the car up and head off , i thought i would ask people who may already know .

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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