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    Broke down very badly in the 2.45 at York this afternoon. His near fore leg just crumpled. Horrible to see. RIP Hispanic 😢

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    Very sad not pleasant viewing.

    "Life is timeless, days are long when you're young"

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    Totally sickening … I wasn’t watching but my stomach is churning at the thought … poor boy … and his connections, particularly lass/lad … this is getting really out of hand now …

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    Thankfully I’d just left the room but I heard my partner shout out ‘oh no’. No disrespect to Hispanic but at first I thought it was Summerghand and my heart sank. And then a horse comes down in a later race. What is going on? My son asked me to take my horse mad granddaughter racing and I refused even though t would have been a flat meeting. And yet, years ago I used to take my daughter and her friends to Uttoxeter. Maybe we’re just more knowledgeable about these fatalities now.

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    The horse that came down in the later race (Tiber Flow) clipped heels but horse and jockey reported OK by York Racecourse after a check over. Hispanic accident was hard to watch and shows how near to their limit racehorses operate. I’ve seen it quoted as typically up to 90% of the percussion force that their legs can stand.

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    Just heartbreaking.
    I was recording it today but have deleted it all.
    Poor poor boy having his first run for the Michael Appleby yard.
    He hadn’t finished off the year well for Coolmore running last in both his races, really sad news.

    RIP Hispanic

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
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    Another horrific sounding fatal injury on the flat 😥

    VF x

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    I have been to york three times and twice left in distress.
    Areen was killed in 2016.
    Hispanic today.
    To see Hispanic running slowly without comprehension to the furlong pole with his off fore hanging limp was beyond distressing.
    On course, apart from me and the connections, nobody seemed to care.
    I should say there are decent comments on this forum but this forum is a minority.
    Maybe the only solution is that, if a horse is killed, the meeting is abandoned but ££ wouldn’t like that already.
    The ground today seemed too firm to me; is there any interest in making sure it is sound? Sadly, I doubt it.

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    To me it looks like Hispanic was squeezed up a bit , and from position of other horses could possibly have been struck into.

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    What do you think about mounted horse catchers (like at point-to-points) – they can get to riderless horses and help them with a fellow equine who may be distressed and help to calm them …

    Racing post says he clipped heels … I don’t like watching flat racing as they go so much faster and tend to be very bunched up – their jockeys don’t seem to bother about how close they are as they look for the smallest gap to get through …

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    I was surprised Tiber Flow coming down wasn’t a big story. i could’ve got this completely wrong but without seeing a headon it looked like Shouldvebeenaring’s jockey (Levey?) took his ground and i was expecting to see a ban for careless riding .

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