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High-Street bookies

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    Today I thought I’d start on a quick survey of the health of high-street Bookies so I began by visiting Corals & Betfred. Both shops are situated on a busy high-street in a small town – within 40 yards of each other.

    # Shop – Large & spacious, plenty of chairs and screens. All of the horse-racing and dogs form was laid out neatly on the walls. The audio feed was set at just about the correct level not to loud or quiet.
    # Shop Window – Advertising their FOTBs, no racing or anything else.
    # Staff – Two women staff but only one working the counter who seemed very efficient, pleasant but looked a bit pissed off.
    # FOTB’s – 4
    # Punters – On arriving there was 15 punters in the shop. 1 was asleep in the corner (I kid you not), two Asian gentlemen sat down by the FOTB’s but not doing anything, two people playing the same FOTB and the remaining 10 on the horses and dogs.
    # Highlight – Neil Callan giving Fin Vin De Leu an excellent front running ride to win at 4/1 and most of us in the shop begin on – marvellous stuff.
    #Lowlights – The general kip of the punters, clearly ravaged by a lifetime of Boozing, smoking & gambling and at least two had a distinctive smell of BO about them.

    # Shop – On the smallish side, only 7 comfy chairs, no stools or anything else but plenty of screens on which the picture quality was very good. Audio feed again set at a good level.
    # Shop Window – advertising tonight’s footie and the Irish Lotto.
    # Staff – Two women, one of which was the manager but both working the counter. Very efficient, pleasant and chatty.
    # FOTB’s – 4
    # Punters – On arriving 12 punters in the shop, no-one playing the FOTB’s, a couple appeared to be sorting out some footie bets and the rest was playing the horses and dogs.
    # Highlight – the manger shouting out Bob in an every increasing exasperated tone every time the commentator incorrectly called Mexican Bob as Mexican Pete.
    # Lowlight – Baldy’s face everywhere.

    I’ll compare with Laddies and Billy’s next week.

    dave jay
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    .. interesting Pete, I think you’ll get a handle on just how much the FOBTs suck out of society in general.

    .. they’re more dangerous than smokin’ ..

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    Bloody hell, you must live somewhere very affluent or next to a dole office or post office – last time I saw 12 punters in our high street bookies was on National day :shock:

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    We’ve got a Ladbrokes, a Corals and a William Hills in the nearby town, which is great because when I do an oddschecker I can price them up and go to all three in just a few minutes. Corals is my favourite;it’s very clean and open and the staff are really pleasant. William Hills is similar, and the layout is nice and sometimes I sit and watch the races at one of the big round tables and chat to other people sat around; it almost has the feel of a cafe.They also do a happy hour type thing in the morning where they offer better prices, but I don’t know if that is just @ Cheltenham week. Ladbrokes is quite intimidating; there are always lots of ne’er do well types there, and you feel as if a fight could break out at any minute. The staff are behind a screen and most of them aren’t as friendly as the other places. Only go there if the price is better than the other two, as it’s not a nice environment to be in. It;s funny because I know lots of people who have never been in a bookies in their lives and can’t believe that I just drop in to them when I’m out shopping to see whats happening; they think they’re on a par with opium dens, I think….

    phil walker
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    I don’t go into betting shops that much but even when I peek in through the front door most of the shops I see are very quiet, a handful of people at best and most of them are playing the FOBT or roulette machines, mugs.

    The days when people went into a betting shop solely to actually place a bet are long since gone which I think is an awful shame.

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