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    To assist betting turnover the rules regarding division of races are being relaxed.

    From 1 September 2009, affecting afternoon fixtures between April and October, and floodlit winter evening fixtures between September and mid-April the following changes will apply:

    Race Type: Within the specified periods, handicaps and claimers will also be permitted to divide along with WFA races.

    Number of races on card: The Rules of Racing currently state that a maximum of 8 races (Flat) and 7 races (Jump) can be run on any card. It has been agreed that the maximum number of races at Jump fixtures from April to October will be increased 8.

    Fixture session: No divisions are currently permitted on any evening cards. From September, divisions will be permitted at floodlit winter evening fixtures.

    The parameters relating to maximum race value and the number of declarations required to trigger a division (20) have been left unchanged.

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    So a crap handiap or claimer worth less than the monthly take home pay of a court usher, will be worth half, expect a rash on non runners as the prize money doesnt cover the travel bill for a horse running on the alweather or jumps on a cold winters day, lots of non runners me thinks…

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    I’m not sure I agree with that YP.

    We can argue about whether there are too many lowly rated horses in training – perhaps there are, but I think that most of the owners of these horses just want one thing – the ability to get a run.

    If they were motivated by prize money and getting a decent return on their investment, they would have given up a long time ago. (although presumably minimum values still apply for these divided races?)

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    In the past, the usual procedure for divided races is that each division is run for £1000 less than the originally advertised prize,

    So if a £3000 race is divided, you get two £2000 races – thus costing the course the same as before, with £1000 coming from the Levy Board divided race fund.

    So the usual minimum values don’t apply, but it’s not quite as severe as halving the prize money as YP suggests.

    Whether that will be the same this autumn I don’t know for sure, and there’s no clarification at present on the Racing Admin website.

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    Cheers for that clarification AP

    I can’t see the BHA are doing anything other than doing their job here then. They are providing extra opportunities for horses and owners and providing extra betting opportunities for punters…

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    From The BHA website –

    As the governing and regulatory body for the sport, the British Horseracing Authority’s responsibilities are wide-ranging.

    They include:

    Race Planning, including the supervision of race programmes and the employment of Handicappers
    Disciplinary procedures, both on and off the racecourse
    Protecting the Integrity of the sport on and off the racecourse
    Licensing and registering racing participants – jockeys, trainers, horses, owners and stable staff
    Setting and enforcing standards of Medical care for jockeys and other participants
    Developing and maintaining programmes of Recruitment, training and education
    Setting and enforcing common standards for British Racecourses
    Research and improvements in Equine Science and Welfare
    Regulating Point-to-Point racing in the UK
    Compilation of the Fixture List
    Approving the Arabian Racing fixture lists
    Setting and enforcing the Rules and orders of racing
    Maintaining our official Retraining of Racehorses charity
    The conduct of a day’s racing
    As well as…
    Strategic planning and policy for Racing
    Central promotion of Racing
    Encouraging and fostering the breeding of bloodstock
    Representing Racing in dealings with Government
    Liaison with the Betting Industry
    Representing British Racing abroad, which includes membership of the Executive Council of the International Federation of Horseracing Authorities

    Nothing on there about ‘creating extra betting opportunities’, thankfully.

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    Not specifially, but it would come under several of the other headings.

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    This rule change is not a problem in my view. It will mean slightly more low quality racing but it will also mean horses get a run. I have no idea how many horses get balloted out of races but if this is going to allow them to get a run then that cant be all bad. I presume before such a change has been made there must be too many horses getting balloted out of races.

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    Hard to believe with the amount of racing in the UK these days that dividing up handicaps would be necessary on a regular basis but surely it can only serve a useful purpose for owners if the demand is there.

    No surprise the bookies are all for it of course as it will further reduce the ever dwindling number of 4 place handicaps that they love so much.

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    Not even sure it will do that, CR

    The majority of these divided races will probably be 46-60s and the like at the minor tracks and very few of these are 16 runner hcaps now anyway,

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    Perhaps your correct TDK. Some figures from the BHA would be helpful.

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    The mention of floodlit evening meetings provides a clue.

    There are no 16 runner handicaps at Kempton and Wolverhampton evening meetings anyway.

    I’m told this is intended to provide for extra races to fill the gap between the end of afternoon racing and the usual start time of the evening meetings. So the extra races will generally be run between 5pm and 6pm.

    There’s certainly a demand as 20+ eliminations is quite common from low grade handicaps at that time of year.

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    If there was a Free Handicap of ‘ideas to reinvigorate racing’, then this one of putting on even more dross in front of deserted stands would be ballotted out, however many divisions they made to the Free Handicap.

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    Sounds like an excellent idea. It’s not as if there’s too much racing already.

    I was in a betting shop the other day, and I’m sure there was a fifteen-second gap between a virtual Formula 1 race and Statto giving his sage advice on the Open.

    Hopefully, with more low-grade handicaps on offer, those irritating silences will be a thing of the past.

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    I think this is a good move from an owner’s point of view. If you have a horse rated below 65 then getting a run can be very difficult. At this time of year the 3yo allowance makes it almost impossible to get a run for a 3yo in all-age handicaps.

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    I don’t mind h’caps being divided – I can’t see that that is a big issue at all.

    I’m a little concerned about Claimers being divided – which is a bit stupid of me, as I don’t bet in them. It all depends upon how eliminations are made at the moment. I suppose I’ll have to go to look them up. If it is currently by BHA rating then you are going to get weaker races.

    dave jay
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    Is this not just to generate more betting turnover on FOBTs .. ?

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