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    This is a bit of a delicate subject and I hope no one is offended.

    A friend of mine told me a couple of weeks ago about how using a small stool when doing No2’s is good for your overall health as it efficiently clears out the bowels.

    The stool needs to be about twice the height of an upside down washing up bowl and placed in front of the toilet. The idea is you place your feet on the stool while sitting on the toilet (this may take a bit of get used to as it pushes your bottom down the pan, so to speak) thus, replicating the squat position – which is our natural position to do the dirty deed and are insides are designed for.

    Not wishing to be too graphic – I’ve done this for the last two weeks and it’s marvellous and one is left with the feeling of having had a right good clear out. Obviously nothing can replace a good diet high in fibre etc for good bowel movements.

    I would recommend everyone give it a go and would be interested if anyone has any other little known health tips.

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    The majority of Japanese still use "squat" toilets still and this is one of the reasons they suffer less colon cancer than we do in the "west": they also have a much healthier diet which helps.

    Quote from Wikipedia:-

    "One advantage of squat toilets is that they are very easy to clean. They are also cheaper to make, they consume less water per flush than western toilets, and, due to the lack of direct contact with the seat, some people claim that they are more hygienic. However, seat contact is not a real health risk and squat toilets allow splatter on one’s own legs and feet. The waterless trough minimizes the risk of splash-back of water during defecation. However, because the products of excretion sit exposed to the open air until flushed away, they commonly produce much stronger odors than they would when submerged as in a western toilet, an effect that is often quite noticeable in or anywhere near a Japanese restroom.

    In addition, a number of medical benefits are attributed to the squat toilet. It has been suggested that the squatting strengthens the pelvic muscles of females, reducing the likelihood of incontinence. Furthermore, it is said that this toilet builds up strength in the hips, and improves breathing and concentration. The upright squatting position also allows wastes to be eliminated more quickly and completely, reducing fecal transit time. Slow fecal transit is a major risk factor for colon cancer. Other studies find that squatting prevents and cures hemorrhoids. Assuming and maintaining the squatting position on a regular basis may also help maintain the flexibility of the knees."

    Regards – Matron

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    Funny you should mention this because we’ve had a blocked loo at work [we’ve only got one loo so it was a bit of a disaster] so I had a jolly good chat with the guy who came out to unblock us [so to speak] about loos in general. We went from subject to subject in matters lavatorial, starting with my daughters newly built downstairs loo in her 1920’s house that she wanted to get all the period detail correct in. I suggested that she should have a nail in the wall with squares of newsaper attached, for authenticity. We then moved on to my cousins outside lavvy that still has the wooden seat with a circle cut out of it, and then on to Eurpean loos with just the hole in the ground which gave me such a shock when I first started travelling abroad in the 1970’s. I pointed out that I thought from a health perspective they were a good idea, but wondered what happened by the time you got arthritic knees [where I am now]. I suppose Japanese people, being so healthy, don’t get arthritic knees. We then, of course chatted about the scene in Slumdog Millianaire when he jumps into the cesspit etc etc. All in all it was a very nice chat over a cup of tea, and quite informative.

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    I think we need a picture/diasgram to ensure that forumites do themselves no injury in trying out this method. It seems that, if you have your feet high up in front of you whilst lowering your bottom onto the seat, you risk emitting your waste onto the facing wall rather than down into the toilet.

    Neil Watson
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    Does it really matter,

    At the end of the day its the one place where you can get a bit of peace and quiet aswell as having some quality thinking time.

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    Following a hernia operation I was advised – in the event of post-op constipation – to adopt the squatting position as it relieves pressure on the abdominal wall and concentrates effort where it’s needed in the lower back and pelvic girdle.

    As it turned out this action wasn’t, and isn’t, necessary as a diet consisting of copious quantities of ‘rabbit food’ ensures the a.m. egestion is invariably thorough, wholly satisfying and complete in the time it takes T Wogan to spin a platter.

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    What a load of sh*te ! :lol:

    Gambling Only Pays When You're Winning

    Neil Watson
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    Remember only the Betfair Forum is full of not this one.

    dave jay
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    .. it’s not a bad idea, I think you could just lift your knees up to your chin and not bother with box or just do it in the back garden, in a hole.

    You can get free poop bags from the council, at the library in fact, it gives the old ladies something to do except telling everyone to sshhh!!

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    One factory i worked at….

    Saw bloke come out of bog pulling up his bolier suit. Didmnt wash his hands of course. But when i went in trap one…he was obviously following your suggestion.

    was hanging from back of seat all the way down..and not a shred of paper

    was all over the place. ****** animal

    dave jay
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    .. did take you for a factory worker Clive, thought you would have been more of a bowler hat and pin-striped suit type.

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    When I first read the suggestion I thought it made complete sense. However, having been twice today – I actually squatted on the bowl (seat up of course) with hands on wall and bath for support, and then the next time as I normally would – I can honestly say there isn’t any difference in how much you get rid of. No difference whatsoever. :x

    As dave jay says, simply raising your knees whilst sitting normally and holding the backs of them with each hand would work the same; infact I’ve done it many times with the stubborn ones in the past, almost like second nature.

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    You can get free poop bags from the council, at the library in fact, it gives the old ladies something to do except telling everyone to sshhh!!

    You’ve not been in a library for a while, have you… :roll: 8)

    (librarian, not a lady, and not especially old)

    The patron saint of lower-grade fare. A gently critical friend of point-to-pointing. Kindness is a political act.

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    Onthesteal – Stop you’ll end up breaking your neck carrying on like that.

    To pick up on a fews points: I think it is important to use the the stool thing. What I use is a little step thing that my missus keeps in her wardrode to reach the top shelves.

    The procedure is this:

    # Place stool in front of toliet
    # Sit on toliet
    # Place feet on stool (knees should be level with chest but away from the body and the back straight)
    # Relax and enjoy the moment

    Just pulling your knees up will not work as the abs will be crunched, also I’m not sure it would be all that easy to maintain a steady balance.

    A healthy breakfast of Fruit & Fibre for three days prior to begining the process may help too.

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    This must be advice that is doing the rounds. My wife passed on these gems of information over the weekend.


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