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    The Wizard
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    Very strange race today. Brave Inca felt McCoy’s whip after about half a mile and was travelling like a dog most of the way and looked the least likely winner from  a long way out (wonder what he traded at on Betfair). He then seemed to get a second wind a few obstacles from home and ran on well in the atrocious conditions to go 3 or 4 lenths clear on the run in, only to tie up / pull himself up about 50 yards from the line, and almost get caught by Rosaker.

    What do we take from this race? Do we praise Brave Inca’s toughness and assume he’s still not 100%, and that he did well to win when everything was against him? Do we think he’s a bit mulish with age, and lacks the speed to win the Champion (but will still be thereabouts), or does the proximity of the rag (and Asian Maze’s capitulation) cast serious doubts over the validity of the form?

    I don’t know what to make of it (though I’m leaning towards the first option), and the bookies seem to be divided too.

    Best result for our Ten to Follow though, so overall quite happy with the result!

    dave 22
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    asian maze clearly didnt run her race, al eile has lost all he form, so what did brave inca actually do? he beat 2 rags less than 3 lengths! brave inca was brilliant last season, but i think being ridden so vigourously has taken its toll on the horse and he wont be anywhere near as good this season. imo

    Pegwell Bay
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    I wouldn’t take Al Eile’s recent form literally. He’s a far better horse on faster ground, and when running in the Spring too.

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    these races are a nightmare to decipher but as with the Morgiana, I dont think any horse (except teh rag) has come out with reputation enhanced…

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    I think he is becoming more mulish and has his own ideas. When Tony applies the ‘naughty stick’ he does respond, but was all for throwing in the towel after the last, even so with AP on board I still wouldn’t discount him for the Champion. Asian Maze disappointed me.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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