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    I’d like to take an opportunity to thank you all for continuing to support TRF this last year. I think there has been some fantastic and knowledgeable debate as usual and I think we have some brilliant racing observers among our number.
    I’d also like to thank the people who go ‘above and beyond’ to help ensure TRF stays on a steady course. Matron and Venture To Cognac both do lots and lots behind the scenes to help maintain and moderate the site and I am very grateful to them both. VTC’s ten to follow efforts are Herculean as I am sure you’ll agree.
    Those who run the competitions are also much appreciated and I’d like to say thank you to them all and to Bob Rolf in particular whose sterling efforts with the 4pp are much valued by many.
    2017 has been a good year on TRF and I’ll do my best to ensure 2018 follows on in a similar vein.
    I’d like to wish you all a happy and safe Hogmanay and a very prosperous and healthy 2018.
    Many thanks everyone,
    David (cormack15)

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    Happy New Year to you too – and all the other TRF family. Thanks to all who help run the Forum & competitions. As well as a great source of information, it’s often a haven of entertainment & (generally) friendly good-humour in a sometimes grim world.

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    HAPPY NEW YEAR David and thank you and Matron, VTC and all for keeping TRF ticking over for another year really enjoy all the threads and discussions and the competitions of course. :heart:
    Nearly time for Big Ben to strike the witching hour so will raise a glass to you all and the best Forum on the Internet.. :rose: Jac X

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
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    All the best David, it’s a great community you’ve built here. You’ve got safe hands with
    Matron and VTC at your side and some special people on here who put in a great deal of
    work to make this the best racing forum by a country mile. Many thanks, and here’s to
    another great year :good:

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    HAPPY NEW YEAR David and to everyone that contributes to the upkkep and smooth running of this site.

    You all deserve a pat on the back and a large glass of whatever is your tipple as thanks from us all

    :good: :good: :good:

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    Happy New Year to the TRF team and members. Here’s to a successful and prosperous 2018. Place your bets wisely and above all be happy. :yes:

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    Are we going to have a new home page for 2018? The present one looks rather tired.

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    Happy New Year and thanks to all that make this the best racing forum anywhere!

    "this perfect mix of poetry and destruction, this glory of rhythm, power and majesty: the undisputed champion of the world!!!"

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    Happy New Year to all and thanks Joni for the Frankel thread.

    On a side note it is Galileo’s 20th birthday this year, one of the best stallions this century :good:

    All comers, all ground, all beaten

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    I seemed to have overlooked this – A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL – and particularly the bird and a HAPPY NEW HOME PAGE to you in 2019 :yahoo:

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    Sorry Colin just messin abour on the river, and David’s tribute was on page 3 or 4 so very few titles in a year, which will not worry the horseheads in here, but just goes to show how quiet and ‘ backwaterish ‘ it has become. Still the odd crocadile about though SNAP SNAP ;-)

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