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    Last Sunday the News Of The World devoted the best part of 2 pages with two photographs of John aka Jock McCrakken on his visit to Wincanton in January this year.

    The word in the town is Mr  Mc Crakken actually got paid for providing the story and the cameraman who took the pictures was also paid by the newspaper.

    Bearing in mind he has a tipping service where he boasts he is ”the man they cant stop” and will no doubt use this to promote his service surely the newspaper should not have encouraged him to breach the ban.

    The paper takes some moral high ground in lots of matters and the main feature last week was of some former celebrity they stitched up when they found out she was ‘on the game’.  

    The paper has just lost the former editor when his journalist was jailed for tapping in to royalty text messages.

    They must have known about the lifelong ban imposed on visiting racecourses and whilst it is no criminal matter (and no real story either) I dont think they should have run this story.

    If I ever get an Asbo I will get them to pay me for letting them  photograph me breaching it.

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    Quote: from Seagull on 9:38 am on Feb. 6, 2007[br]<br>The paper takes some moral high ground in lots of matters …….  

    ….whilst trawling the lowest gutters for their stories, and where necessary sh***ing in the gutter to seed it.

    Is it me, or does news at all levels, not just in the News Of The Screws, appear to consist of gossip, rumour, set-ups and scare-mongering these days? Sad to say that watching BBC’s early morning suggests the once respected organisation isn’t much better.


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    It would be a great surprise if the Screws of the World stooped any higher

    Come the revolution, first up against the wall

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    McCracken is going on trial at Lewes Crown Court on 13th March. He is charged with the acquisition use and possession of criminal property contrary to section 329 of the proceeds of crime act 2002. 14 years maximum penalty.<br>It follows a raid on his house in may 2005 when police seized £16,333 cash and £4,000 gambling chips

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