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2020 Grand National

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    Ex RubyLightEx RubyLight
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    Tiger Roll uncertain to run if the ground is Soft or Heavy

    Venture to CognacVenture to Cognac
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    Shame, but can’t say I’m surprised :-( :cry:

    hein bollowhein bollow
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    What’s going on here?
    Somebody must have cracked my account, I#ve never written this! :-(

    Cork All Star
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    Unfortunately the authorities had no choice. It would not have been practical to stage the meeting with such a limited number of people on site. Pity because the Thursday is always one of my favourite days racing if the year but it is right to make the decision early.

    Red Rum 77Red Rum 77
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    They should cancel all racing then, until this coronavirus has gone or at least not causing panic like it’s doing. Also places with mass crowds like city & town centre.

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    Agreed, Red Rum 77, can’t see the logic in it continuing.

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    The difference with normal racing & the National is the reliance on ambulances etc. is much much greater.

    I’m not advocating racing carrying on, just giving the reasoning behind why the National is a much different beast from a Tuesday at Kelso.

Viewing 8 posts - 181 through 188 (of 188 total)
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