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    Made a flying visit in between connecting flights yesterday. Was my first visit to a racecourse in the UK for 3 years. A few observations…

    Travelling by public transport in the UK with fellow "customers" to popular sporting events who will also be attending the same event is ALWAYS a very unpleasant experience. Never seem to be too many happy drunks on these trips, just foul mouthed, loud, aggressive vermin and that’s just the women. I can put up with it, I wouldn’t fancy having kids with me though. Sadly seems to be an integral part of UK culture and is a very poor reflection on the society as a whole imo.

    Taxis the world over, Europe in particular are nothing more than mobile, legalised, extortion.

    The Gordon enclosure at Goodwood is excellent. Well worth the £21 for the fare on offer yesterday. One minor gripe…half the pre parade ring is invisible with a row of trees blocking it. The parade ring itself is glorious.

    Paddock watching is an essential and enjoyable part of the day imo. Interestingly for me anyway, very few of the runners in any race seemed really hard fit, you know gleaming with all the muscles very well defined. Delegator has a real presence about him, he stood out above all else yesterday. These top notchers really seem to know how good they are.
    Notorize was easily the biggest 2yo on display in the 4.20. I’d have gone skint quickly had I backed my observations right throughout the 7 races though.

    Going on facial expressions SIr Michael looked very disappointed after Zacinto’s run yesterday. He had a real "this is how good he is" look about him imo.

    Spoke to one of the two Godolphin grooms on duty yesterday for a few minutes, an Indian lad. Really enjoyed working for Godolphin by the sounds of him.

    To get a feel for a flat race when viewing live, a pair of binoculars is essential.

    My bets were

    2-05 Vhujon
    2-05 Peter Island
    2-35 Mourilyan
    3-45 Sent From Heaven
    3-45 Snow Fairy
    4-55 Comptons Eleven e/w
    5-10 Theologist
    5-10 Theola

    +2 point profit

    Barry Dennis very decently gave me 4/1 Snow Fairy even though the board had just changed to 7/2.

    Used the Racing Post Postdata/Topspeed boxes for all bets, so its not a complete waste of money this newspaper. In the other 142 pages I only found an interesting interview with Micky Fenton and TDK’s and Delemere’s opinions readable. I had plenty of time on the train there and back to pull the paper apart, it really is appalling value at £1.80 imo.

    Food at Goodwood is good and fairly priced. None of the bar staff could pull a proper pint of Guinness though.

    I would estimate 80% or more of the crowd yesterday had no interest in the horses, which is ok. Goodwood seem to realise this and maximise accordingly. Going by the numbers of families, kids, teenagers, pensioners, Brians, Bens and their drunken women there yesterday the demise of interest in UK racing is greatly over exaggerated imo. Pity the gambling side cant get their act together as the racecourses certainly seem to be doing.

    RUK presenters spend a huge mount of time standing on their feet in the one spot, cant be good for the veins surely? Lydia looks great in real life, legs ‘an all :P

    Overall a really good day out, we thoroughly enjoyed it. Will be back over to support my fellow Clareman next week. :wink:

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    Thanks for the report, Cav, glad you enjoyed yourself; agree with your comments about the pre-parade ring.

    But it is a lovely course, isn’t it?


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