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Gold Cup 2020

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    Forgot about him! Bring it on!!

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    Well done to ABP and connections and all backers!
    Thrilled to see Lostintranslation run such a good race, especially as stable form been disappointing this week.

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    It was a fantastic race and clearly one to remember. So many perfect jumps, so many chances and how many times do you see “ten in line at the third last”???

    I have to say that the sport has changed a lot over the past 6-7 years, but it is a very good change. One to more professionalism, especially from the Irish side.

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    I hope Al Boum Photo now starts to get the praise he deserves. He was a good winner last year but a lot of people seemed underwhelmed by it, presumably because he was a big price and so were the placed horses.

    Now he has won a second GC and beat just about every good staying chaser out there with the exception of Topofthegame (and I suppose Native River as well but I cannot believe he would have won).

    I expect Nicholls cannot wait to get Topofthegame back. A line through Santini would have seen him as the winner. And he has to realise now that Clan Des Obeaux is not a Cheltenham horse. Maybe it might finally dawn on NTD that Bristol De Mai is not either!

Viewing 4 posts - 166 through 169 (of 169 total)
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