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    With Wingman winning the Totesport on Sat :lol: and Blackthorn Boy cruising home yesterday its safe to assume stable is in good form at present.

    However today a lot of the stable staff are going to be linking up every runner at Plumpton. My m8 there said they fancy the lot!

    So its 6 horses
    15 doubles
    20 trebles
    15 4 timers
    6 5 timers
    1 6 timers
    total 57 bets.

    Corals in Woodingdean is the likely target for the stable lads money so they could start to shorten them up especially if the first 2 go in.

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    Hi gang

    get in there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WINGMAN i needed that

    G L Moore is a shrewd cookie………. i was touched to see him get so emotional tho. When i have horses i wud have this guy as one of my trainers.

    Sneaky bugger ….. but i like you!


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    I’m putting the €57 I’ve saved for Cheltenham on it!

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    Only the 1 winner from the 6 (Verasi at 4/6) with the other 5 finishing unplaced. I "watched" the races on Betfair (as much as anybody can!!) and from the in-running market moves, the horses seemed to be running well up to a point before tailing off at the end of the races in a similar way to David Pipe’s horses a while ago (when Timmy Murphy got his ban). Is this what happened?

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    yes pretty much, they weren’t going through with it but if jamie had managed to hold on when being unshipped on adopted hero he may have made all and got you a double up, if not running out of steam like the rest – he nearly held on like a circus rider but eventually fell out the side – looked nasty for a second i thought the horse trod on him – maybe it did but he was up straight away just looking a bit ‘cheese’ed off – unlucky that one i think

    edited as the censor missed that word :oops:

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    Verasi was made to work very hard by a 50/1 shot, Adopted Hero fell far too early to know whether he would have troubled a very easy winner in Overlut and the other four struggled badly (they were done upwards of half a mile out so didn’t really stop to nothing).

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    Maybe they smuggled some crates of this cheap, super-strength lager I keep hearing about onto their horsebox?

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