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    As an owner/breeder my ambition in life is to own/ breed a runner at Cheltenham, Aintree or even Ascot.  Where does ambition over rule common sense, I have a filly that could possibly run in a listed race, a colt that defies the odds each time he runs, and a five year old that I hope one day will win me a little race. But to run a horse clearly out of it’s class just to say I’ve got a runner is in my view at best foolish and at worst cruel.  I’d be interested in views of all racing fans.

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    Welcome to the forum Linda. It would be best to post this in the horse racing section as you’d get a better response.<br>My own view is that owners should not run a horse in a high profile race just to say they have a runner in it when the horse has got absolutely no chance of winning ( last year’s champion hurdle being a good example ). It probably is cruel.  Of course shocks do occur so if there is a chance that a horse has the potential to run well then the horse should run.

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    I’m not sure it’s cruel as few horses do themselves actual physical harm running in a grade they are clearly not goo d enough for. I mean, many horses are forced to run in maidens on the flat and novice hurdles/chases over jumps that they have no chance in just to get them a handicap mark.

    I just don’t understand the mentality of an owner that gets pleasure out of seeing their colours traipsing round the back of a field he’s thoroughly outclassed him. I’d much rather run my horse in a race he would have a chance in. I mean this game is expensive enough without throwing money away on entry fees that the horse just cannot justify.

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