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Further questions on the race-fixing scandal

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    Where’s old gingertipster and the ‘what is exactly was wrong with the ride and horse’ brigade?

    I’m waiting for their explanation.

    Re the police:

    Barry Hills stood up a few weeks back as a racing dinner and praised skullduggery, according to Robin Oakley’s ‘The Turf’ column in this week’s Spectator magazine. I don’t know what he may mean by that, I guess its just artfulness. What I mean is that the autorities for years have accepted there is a form of artfulness in racing and on that score I don’t mind it myself if that means the grey areas of handicapping and wrong ground and trip. How you going to find value without those variations?
    I actually like all that because that is very much part of the game.

    But what this latest crew have been doing is a different thing, but I wonder if non-racing people, even legal authorities, understand the difference between artfulness and straight criminality. Perhaps this is why the situation has developed.

    The more I think about it, the more likely it is that if the police do force the issue they will uncover a hell of a lot more corruption at low-grade level.

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    That’s easy PT – trainers are


    , jockeys are criminal.

    ps Considering the pig’s ear the police made of the Fallon case, I’d doubt they go near this one with a disinfected bargepole

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    My only regret in life is that nobody has every given me a brown envelope full of cash.

    I thought that the two ex owners who got banned for 14 years came over as very nice chaps and just because they dealt in a bit of larceny, what is wrong with that.

    The BHA are only miffed because they live in better houses and drive better cars than they do.

    I had to laugh while reading the Racing Post this morning that one of them tried to build a travellers camp next door to Elton John’s place in Windsor, I thought that was priceless :D

    Living just down the road from Lambourn I should have informed the BHA on what I been told over the past 3 decades and that would have kept them busy for the next 10 years.

    An example from an ex trainer while speaking to him in his yard:
    "he will run 3 times and the first 2 without blinkers and when you see him on his 3rd run with blinkers, back him".
    The result was an all the way winner at 7/1, my dad was very happy :D

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