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    Another nice one, Bobby, well done. I thought, he’s put a stable lass on PDP it has no chance – mind you she was only able to render about as much assistance as Victoria Pendleton lol.

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    Well done, Bobby. How did thing finish for you overall? In profit, I hope?

    Never argue with a fool. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience, then onlookers might not be able to tell the difference.

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    Paul Nicholls told the world Wonderful Charm was his best chance this week. Perhaps he was thinking Harriet Tucker was just a passenger. Luckily the horse knew the job and Paul’s banker was pulled up. Don’t give up the day job Mr Nicholls.

    The stable finished on a high after a nothing sort of week and no real contenders in the big races. With Hobbs and King not having much to talk about it’s little wonder the Irish carved the Brits up. At least Tizzard and Henderson had a meeting to remember and Nicky nearly landed the Trifecta.

    Maybe this will get like the Ryder Cup and we will have to force either Mullins or Elliott across here to boost the home team.

    Well done finding that one Bobby.

    Thanks for the good crack. Time for me to move on. Be lucky.

    Venture to CognacVenture to Cognac
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    Cheers Steve and Chris, can’t believe he went off at 25’s, unreal. Steve, that line about Wonderful Charm was enough for me to go in a bit more. Chris, I had Pendleton to win at 66’s, and I still maintain she should have pissed it lol

    Cheers Joe, really decent week for me, I couldn’t get near the dizzy heights of last year, but managed to beat my 2016 tally, and I would have snapped your hand off beforehand if you had offered me that. It was the usual highs and lows. A year too late with Native River, and it was another Don Cossack for me, but take some consolation in that I called him early doors, and confirmed what I always said, that he clearly wasn’t right, and would have won last year if sound. A proper horse, love him to bits. Bachasson was another low point. Put my first bet on him, this time last year for The Gold Cup, and it’s quite clear that owner pressure was the only reason he ran here. Mullins obviously had other things in mind for him (I’m assuming Punchestown). A proper damp squib, and to be honest, I was shattered when he fell.

    Few nice winners though, and some nice each ways, but the real highlight was Tiger Roll, he was my biggest bet of the week, and had a hangover worthy of it yesterday lol

    What about yourself, hope it was a good one.

Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)
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