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    It appears to me that most people, in their pursuit of profits from betting, tend to go it alone.

    You don’t get many people popping next door to ‘see what Geoff next door thinks of the 3.30 at Doncaster’ or sitting down of a Saturday morning for an ‘investment meeting’ with their fellow bettors before pledging their hard-earned on the result of the Paddy Power Gold Cup.

    I was wondering whether there are any out there who do pool resources and knowledge to help arrive at a consensus based approach to betting.

    Or, alternatively, are we all driven by the certain knowledge that we, alone, know best.

    dave jay
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    It’s true that most people work on their own. Last year we ran a Cheltenham competition and if you had had the foresight to back the most tipped on the day you would have made a fortune.

    From a personal point of view I have worked with a few different people on various projects. It’s quite interesting and a bit of a learning curve for all parties. I think the trick to successful collaboration is finding people who are on the same wave length as your self and have something to offer.

    I specialise in programming, pricing and form analysis, in that order. So, it wouldn’t make sense for me to share knowledge or collaborate with someone who has the same skills. Half the battle with learning is realising your own limitations and working on those, or getting someone else to teach you. You have to find someone with the skill set that suits your needs and also benefits them.

    The problem with MB’s is that there are too many clueless folk about that have absolutely nothing to offer. Pooling resources must be done, in confidence and in private.

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    what’s an ‘MB’ DJ?

    non vintagenon vintage
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    It would be a cool feature of the enhanced RP note-book functionality if it allowed a ‘buddy’ system so that you could create a share facility between friends…

    (Btw, I wonder how much they are going to charge for that once enough people have spent ages logging notes and ratings online…)

    dave jay
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    MB = Message Board (forum)

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    Quote: from dave jay on 6:13 pm on Nov. 11, 2006[br]I specialise in programming, pricing and form analysis, in that order.

    Bloody hell Dave, the only thing your partner needs is a JP McManus sized bankroll then!

    Nick Yorke
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    I love talking form with fellow students of the subject, but we have to realise that we are very few in number, and form only a small percentage of the total number of people who actually back horses.<br>This is what makes this forum so useful.

    dave jay
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    Bloody hell Dave, the only thing your partner needs is a JP McManus sized bankroll then!<br> davidbrady  Posted on 6:59 pm on Nov. 11, 2006

    <br>I’m not as good at Form Analysis as I would like to be. I don’t need a bankroll, I’ve got one of those already thanks .. !<br>:cool:

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    As an experiment Tooting and I are pooling our collective knowledge to attack grade 3 and above A/W races. … topic=1877

    I’ll share our experiences once we have a few more data points<br>

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    Sailing Shoes
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    Dave Jay just about hits the nail…. You need someone on a similar wavelength with something to offer.

    These people are hard to come across – and even if you do – sometimes they can’t express what the know.

    Building relationships with fellow form students is a positive and often rewarding venture…… I’m 29, and have a friend of a similar age – we have been punting alongside each other for over 10 years now – and although we have different approaches now – the years spent finding our own way to find a winning approach, surely speeded up the process.

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    This is a good thread.

    I do my own form ratings and time ratings but I contribute to or at least visit several forums to see what other people say. Over a number of years, a small number stand out as being knowledgeable, perhaps with different approaches.

    If their figures are at a wide divergence from mine, it’s enough to make me go back and double check if I’ve overlooked something. Sometimes we shares ideas in forum threads and sometimes by PM or email. Sometimes we convince each other and sometimes end up agreeing to differ.

    (I’m usually right :biggrin: )

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    I am definitely interested.

    byefrom<br>Gary Chistopher Pool Consensus Winston Carlisle

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    If someone is a form student beginner, they will benefit greatly by having a mentor. If they are fairly expert, they will derive benefit by having a pupil(s)  to question them. In both cases they would also find their education and enjoyment enhanced by discussions and exchanges of ideas with their equals. This is one of the things a racing forum tries to achieve.

    Wherever we are on the hierarchy of form book knowledge and its application, we can learn something or pass on something.

    Apart from the Forum and access to books, newspapers etc, I am isolated from other people who share my interest in racing unless I visit a betting office – a negative experience, these days, I’m sorry to say.

    I envy those who can get to the races regularly and enjoy the banter there, although others have pointed out that it’s hardly worth gong there for betting purposes. If I was at work(I’m retired), and could find someone there who shared my interests(and this is unlikely), We would probably chew the fat together.<br>I’ve tried to get my wife interested, but she still thinks I should stick a pin in the list of runners and hope for the best. Mmmm.  

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    I’ve read this topic with great interest and its prompted me to ask if any form students could have made  Exotic Dancer their first form selection ?

    Usually in grand isolation I look back over some to the outcomes and then soldier on to the next days racing without really learing anything constructive. Maybe there is mileage in pooling some of our postscripts. I would like to know others take on Exotic Dancer’s win.

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    My take on Exotic Dancer, Alexander, is that he showed much improved form yesterday to that shown at Carlisle earlier this week and while I am not suggesting anything underhand about the two runs, I would suggest that it wouldn’t have done any harm, in a PR sort of way, if the Stewards had asked about the improvement in form.


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