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    Full story from Alan Aitken in the SCMP of the catalyst for Eric Saint-Martin’s recent dis-invitation to prolong his riding career in HK:


    Certainly the stewards’ room did present one of the plays of the season when Eric Saint-Martin finally met his Waterloo.

    Involved only as a witness in Douglas Whyte’s careless-riding inquiry, Saint-Martin went home, despite having been asked to wait.

    There, he donned board shorts, a sleeveless shirt and flip-flops, and was ready for the beach upon being summoned back to the inquiry.

    Later, stewards asked why he had left, and he replied that a bottle of wine required decanting an hour before dinner.

    When asked why no one else could do that, Saint-Martin’s reply was reportedly: "I like to ‘ear ze pop of ze cork myself."

    Stier [Chief Steward] and his men were unimpressed, in between stifling laughter. For that, his inappropriate dress, a long record of infringement but perhaps just because Eric was hard work for stewards at the best of times, he was asked to a second show-cause hearing and did not survive.


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