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    Horrible end for this lad still running well on the 2nd circuit until he dropped his hind legs in the water (I thought UK water jumps had been altered to avoid this type of incident?) and lost so much ground. I was shouting at the tv for the jockey to pull him up as something was certainly amiss with his back end … but the brave horse attempted to jump the next (open ditch I think) and came down …
    This is stewards report: “An enquiry was held to establish whether Mr Nick Phillips, the rider of EQUUS SECRETUS (IRE), had failed to pull up and dismount his horse when it appeared to have lost its action behind after making a bad mistake at the water jump on the final circuit. EQUUS SECRETUS (IRE) then proceeded to fall at the fifteenth fence, dislodging Phillips. The rider and the Veterinary Officer were interviewed and recordings of the incident were viewed. The Veterinary Officer reported that, in their opinion, the gelding had appeared to be lame behind having blundered and lost its action at the water jump. The rider was suspended for 10 days, on dates to be notified to him by the Head Office of the British Horseracing Authority and being a 7Ib Claimer, was offered the opportunity to be accompanied in the enquiry but declined.”
    I’m sure his young rider is suitably upset about this … but as a rider myself I don’t see how he could have failed to realise something was seriously wrong following the water jump error …
    Much sympathy with all concerned … RIP Brave Equus

    Ex RubyLight
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    Totally avoidable. According to the RP Mr. Nick Philips had only 7 public rides in the past 5 seasons and only one winner which was over 1,660 days back. Can’t imagine that this number would be enough for an owner to have him on his horse.
    But, maybe he is a regular PTP rider who gains his experience every week riding in such races. Otherwise the combination of inexperinced jockey, softish track, difficult obstacles and a rather large field would be a very bad recipe for tragedy. The horse seemed rather experienced and I think he fully deserved his place in the line-up. The irresponsible jockey didn’t.
    May he rest in peace.

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    I’ve looked him up … 142 point-to-points since 2005 – 38 winners. Also 13 Hunterchases with 2 wins.

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    Horrific incident.
    RIP Equus Secretus
    You deserved better than this.

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
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    In regards to the first post on this thread….

    I too was shouting at the TV to pull it up, it was so obvious he had lost its action at the water jump. The horse didn’t deserve that.

    This is a tough old sport as it is but this SHOULD and COULD have been prevented. It seemed that the jockey just continued because HE was riding at Cheltenham and sod the horse. Im sorry if that sounds harsh but this made me really sad and angry. I really hope the jockey takes himself aside and has a serious word with himself for his stupid actions if he is to have a future in this sport. As for the 10 days ban, whoopy woo!! He does not ride that much anyway , so it will make no odds to him and it cost the life of a much loved racehorse. Learn from it! Absolutely shocking!

    Condolences to all those involved with the horse, such a sad event to see….


    Cork All Star
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    As I said on a different thread, on Thursday a young lad at Taunton got a 21 day ban for making a mistake. This rider has received less than half that ban for a much more serious error of judgement which has had tragic consequences.

    Where is the justice? It makes racing look absolutely ridiculous.

    I also believe it is time to remove water jumps. Who wants them? They are not mandatory any more and (with the possible exception of the water jump on the National course) add nothing to the race.

    As far as I am aware, they have never had water jumps in Ireland.

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    Agree about the water jumps. Trappy, pointless and unfair. There was a reason for them way back in the day when a NH race was a test of a hunter and you needed a horse that could clear a hidden obstacle behind a fence but now they’re as much of an anachronism as a stone wall fence in a race.

    They make for some pretty still photos on sunny days when the horses are reflected in the water but that’s it. Watching TV you can barely see the water just a stupid little low jump that some of them are confused by and jump badly.

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    Indeed those bans do not seem to reflect the relative seriousness of the two incidents … nor does the report even mention the fact that Equus lost his life … there’s no information about what injury he had and indeed the water jump incident might well have proved fatal in itself … but he should have been spared the pain of continuing and been pulled up and dismounted immediately …

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