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    As the total amount matched on the race on Betfair to date is precisely £0, I wouldn’t put too much credence in that quote of 2/5.


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    Just been on Chapple-Hyams Website (a good website with quite good information on his runners and any going well in training) and found the following report:

    Empowered ready to run
    AUTHORIZED’S half-brother Empowered is due to make his eagerly anticipated debut on Thursday.

    The son of Fasliyev goes to Leicester for a 1m 2f maiden and Alan Munro is booked.

    Naturally, being so closely related to last year’s Derby winner, Empowered has been the subject of media scrutiny.

    But his trainer Peter Chapple-Hyam feels that his dark bay charge can only benefit from the experience of a first start.

    He said: “Being Authorized’s half-brother, he is a high-profile horse. But he is ready for his debut and it will be good to get him on the track. He is ready to himself justice but I feel he will improve for the run.â€

    Fist of Fury 2k8
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    I would think he has plenty toe……..they thought him good enough to win the Racing Post last year but decided it would be better in the long run to give him more time. At least that’s what I had been told.

    I would have thought he wouldn’t be running him now unless he thought he was a nailed on good thing and wants him to start with a win under his belt. Hence the crappy race.

    Obviously he will improve for the run but this downbeat report is a million miles away from what the man was saying about the horse last year. Every second person I know was saying he was catching pigeons at home now he’s talking like he’s nothing special.

    To be honest this is what I hate about the flat..every second horse who does a decent gallop is the next Nijinsky :cry:

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    From the RP cuttings library in May 07

    Empowered (c Fasliyev – Funsie) is one of my favourites. He’s quite big, like Authorized, but otherwise you wouldn’t have them down as half-brothers. At this stage he’s showing a lot more, and although he won’t be out until around August he should be worth waiting for.

    Bulwarks report doesn’t have quite the same enthusiasm.

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    To be honest this is what I hate about the flat..every second horse who does a decent gallop is the next Nijinsky

    Flat or jumps Fist, the hype is just the same but Nijinsky isn’t regarded as the top of the tree, surely?

    Took the kids out today, driving along and by pure chance a road sign took my eye – Cloudy Lane – shame he’s not 66/1.

    Fist of Fury 2k8
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    Fist, appreciate you flagging up Empowered’s debut. However you aren’t serious about backing an unraced animal in a maiden are you????

    Yes he is well related, and Chapple-Hyam can get them fit on debut. However, you only have to look at Mark Johnston’s debutant at Catterick today – it cost about 300k more than Empowered and was sent of a well backed in the end 9/4 fav – missed the break, didn’t know what the hell he was meant to do, but stayed on with aplomb in the final furlong – should improve and a winner waiting to happen. But not today and terrible value at 9/4.

    I don’t know how anybody can back short priced unraced horses. Its hard enough finding winners with loads of form in the book!

    Not if your standing on the gallops every moring watching them it’s not :)

    No differnt than those who weighed into some of Nicky Hendersons unraced hurdlers.

    Unfortunately I am going on something I was told 7 months ago so it hardly fresh news. PCH was supposed to have said he horse was really special and he expected him to go to the very top and wouldn’t run him unless he thought he would win…din’t run him which says what? I wish I knew :lol: …….He did train his half brother and I just feel he will want to be winning with him and a quiet run is out of the question…..too many eyes watching??? I’m sure he’ll be up to what looks like being a very moderate race and if he can’t win it his Derby entry is going to look really stupid……….I’lll watch the betting and if he’s fav and backed I’ll probably have a bit on but not enough that you would notice.

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    9/4 available on bf….

    That might look big tomorrow but looks worrying to me

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    Unlucky Fist. Wish I had your contacts.

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    I hope no-one bcked Empowered anyway. I quite like the performance of the second horse MESHTRI, who is a similarly bred half brother to one of Michael Jarvis’s NARVIK that I backed antepost for the derby a few years ago, only for him to b godolphinized. Think Meshtri could pick up a few races this season.

    Sean Rua
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    I backed the winner but didn’t see the race. Did he run well?

    I follow Windflower, and like the jockey.

    Sometimes hyped maiden losers come good, eventually. Sometimes they don’t. I expect PCH will do alright with this one.
    I remember backing Katchit three times on the flat ( inc the AW) and losing every time!
    In fact, K was pretty poor altogether as a flat horse.
    Great improvement came later under a different code.

    Time will tell.

    Black Sam Bellamy
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    A perfectly respectable debut from Empowered considering the horse was fighting for his head for the first seven furlongs and probably ran out of gas on the soft ground because of it.

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    OK, I should have put this up before the race although I will say I did not back (or lay) on the race so it’s not monetary aftertiming.

    My reasoning for the original gesticulation towards FoF was because of his apparent knowledge of gallops info from PCH. This changed from what originally appeared to be recent comment to something he heard 7 months ago. Oddly, his wish to lump on at Evens (or 2/5 when this shrewdie was told of the betfair price despite no bets having been placed) did not seem to progress much despite the price hitting the 3/1 mark he had salivated over the night before. Most odd.

    Anyway, if this was the next Authorised then surely he would have got a run at two, and probably a win at that. That he did not start until 3 and this in an early season 1m2 maiden suggested that he was not quite the same beast. Later maturing? Niggles? Slower?

    Not to say he won’t scale some heights, nothing has been proven today, but if this was the proverbal "pigeon-catcher" then the pigeons must have been on the same diet as this forumite.

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    When you look at the amount of brothers and sisters of greats that o’brien has kicking about that can’t do anything, and then bare in mind that Empowered is only a half brother from a lesser and IMO far less consistent sire, it certainly wasn’t any surprise to see him beaten in what wasn’t even the strongest of races.

    It is fair to say that Empowered will not be scaling the same hieghts as Authorized, as Authorized (from a sire who’s offspring dont usually hit their best till 3) already had a group1 under his belt at 2 and Empowered (from a sire who is better with his 2yos) hadn’t even run at 2 and is beaten 13 lengths in a debut over 1m2f, despite probably being bred for about a mile, possibly less.

    I like the second as a nice sort to possibly progress through the handicaps this season but can’t even see him being top class at this stage.

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    O’Brien’s siblings to stars are embarrassing. The Ethiopian and Nell Gwyn come to mind. Once the cross has worked, 90% of the time, MOVE ON! :)

    Empowered won’t be any good compared to his half brother. Sired by Fasliyev, debuting in a Leicester Maiden when he is 3 should say it all, really.

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    Hi AP

    Empowered was first named Rocky Royale.

    Not a big fan of Dosage, but you need to go back to Benny The Dip to find a Derby Winner with no points in either the Solid or Professional sections

    Good Luck


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